Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Second try, Hope this works

Jeddy had surgery this morning at Children's Day hospital in San Diego. Ben and I were very anxious about the procedure this time around. He had tubes placed at 9 months, and we were more relaxed. Ben gave him a blessing and took the morning off this morning to come to the hospital with us.

We absolutely Love Jeddy's pediatric ENT Dr. Ochi. He is so great, takes his time to really understand the patient and the problems. We have been waiting since sept (when originally scheduled) to see if he needed his tonsils removed. At our pre-op apt. last week he ruled that out. I am glad his tonsils looked great and we do not have to hassle with 10 days of Jeddy recovering from intense surgery in bed.

This morning Dr. Ochi preformed Bilateral Myringot Tubes w/Adenoidectomy. He found that both middle ears had fluid built up, pre surgery we thought just his right ear was full. We are relived to have added the adenoidectomy because the Dr found they were enlarged to several times the proper size. thus obstructing his throat, airways, causing difficulty in breathing, eating, and etc.

he was a good boy, very brave and worked well with the Dr's and nurses. Above is a picture of him in recovery, downing Popsicles and Gatorade. Our prayers and hopes are that in a few days he will have recovered from surgery and be able to hear, breathe and function like the little rambunctious boy he is. Jeddy's hearing has been like he is underwater, very muffled and non distinct. He has no permanent hearing loss or damage, . ..and should hear like superman in a few days. I think all will be well considering we have been home for 20 minutes, it only took Jeddy 5 minutes in to superman returns to get in costume and perform along with the movie . . .hopefully he doesn't try flying again.

Just thought I would let you know, everything went well, and he is back to fighting off the bad guys.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A life well lived, Gordon B. Hinckley

May we stand a little taller, and live his words more fully as we strive to become more like Christ. Thank you President Hinckley for your service and faithful leadership.
Till we meet again.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ben's new favorite place on Earth

So I grew up in Northern California and came down south as a youngster for only 1 reason. The County of Orange boasted the larger than life site that previous to my parents generation was only good for the soils ability to grow citrus. That and a handful of surfers who made Huntington Beach famous as Surf City, USA. What I can tell you is that I never came down to watch the Angels or the Dodgers play. And it wasn't for the Lakers either. Heck, we didn't even care that much about visiting the beach. We had them up north. All I knew about beaches as a kid, was that they were windy even on sunny days and the water was cold. Little did I know. No the only interest I had coming down here was to fulfill all my preteen dreams of going to Disneyland. It was magic coming as a 12 year old kid for the first time. Pure magic. Even Josh and I got along at Disneyland, and for us at that age, that was saying something. Everywhere you looked there were exciting things going on. Rides, roller coasters, Star Tours, Michael Jackson as Captain EO(at the time the most expensive movie per minute ever produced). Yes Walt Disney was a genius in my 12 year old mind. Pure genius.

But the next time I went, I was kind of bumbed. The rides weren't as good as Great America. This one girl in my high school only wore Disney character clothing, and I thought it was pretty much lame. Disneyland was pretty far away. I think it might have rained while we were there. Star Tours was old school, and I am pretty sure Michael Jackson was sleeping with little boys. The Magic had faded. The place disappointed me. The coolest thing about that trip was that I got to be with some of my best friends in high school. Second to that the Oakland A's stayed at the same hotel as we did and I got a glass that Rickey Henderson drank out of. (Probably still in my parents attic somewhere)

So fast forward to about 12 years in the future. I now have 3 kids, a 6 year old, 3 year old and 11 month old. We moved about an hour from Disneyland this past year, decided to get season passes and my life has changed. I no longer see Disneyland through a punk teenagers eyes, but through the eyes of a 6 year old princess, and a 3 year old adventurer. I love seeing my kids get excited when they see Mickey or Snow White or Mary Poppins. Their innocent eyes wonder in amazement at the magic of It's a Small World. Pirates of the Caribbean takes them through a strange nighttime adventure in the middle of the day. The Tiki room has real birds that sing. Everything about this place is magic to them. It is amazing. I love it. Whenever we have a weekday off and no holiday, we are there. I cant get enough of it. It is the strangest and most unexpected thing. Even Kim thinks I am kind of weird, cuz I get so stoked to go. To me it is a place where a kid can just have that magic that only kids really get to have. The magic of Christmas, before you know about Santa. Before they get old and it no longer holds that wonder and amazement. Yes, to my children, it is everything great about being a kid. Hanging out with Mom and Dad, getting some treats and exploring a 100% kid wonderland.

I am not a real big drama or theater person, and most of the guys that work there seem much too gay to not be on your guard when you were around them. But I could really see myself working there someday. I would probably like to just walk around the park wearing a light blue and white striped pair of pants, white shirt and a matching tie and engineer hat. I could just pick up garbage. Seriously. I could be one of those people who knew everything about the park, and when you asked me where a bathroom is, I could tell you everything you don't want to know about the rides not to miss and the best attractions and the history of Walt Disney himself. That would be sweet. Again, don't think I am kidding. I have had this thought. It would probably have to wait until I am retired or independently wealthy, whichever comes first. But right now it is right up there with my other retirement dream of being a fisherman in Jamaica. Either one would be alright.

As for Mr Disney. Well, lets just say he has regained his genius stature. Nice work Walt.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Better junky than chapter 7

I used to be humiliated by the fact that I am trashy, now I embrace it.
At first it was hard taking everyones "hey we don't need or use this anymore, want it?", or "We got a new better _________ do you want our old one". Dental school gave me the reality that if we didn't get it free, second hand or by way of a Christmas gift . .we just didn't. Looking back I think we are so awesome for not needing cell phones, cable, vacuum (1st year of dental school), crib (Benson got our 1st that was not held together with duct tape]), play station, dinners out, babysitters, gym passes, high speed internet, HD tv, cordless phone, or real furniture. Now that we are out of dental school we can breathe but still live the same lifestyle but with a few upgrades.

When we first moved to Carlsbad we found it amazing that weekend mornings you could drive around and get all sorts of free good stuff. For example our desk, a globe that opened to hold 4 bottles, martinellies- of course, 4 night stands, king size head board, 2 dressers, 2 file cabinets, wingback chair, play station 2, just my size wet suit, complete series of Bourne, Lord of the rings and star wars books, purses for Madisen, and thats just the good stuff. These items of trash to those around us were better replacements or completely new for us. Basically the wedding tradition of something used, barrowed, blue, new and old, is our motto minus something new.

Full tank, great grill $28 you move it yours desk

I was driving (the speed limit) on Saturday listening to financial talk radio. I learned that the average American spends $1.22 for every dollar they earn. In the 80s we saved 12 percent of our income, now we are down to saving -1% of our income. So from my limited math skills I gather we are setting ourselves up for financial prison and doom while making bankers and salesman fat. We give everyone around us our money, plus, keep nothing for ourselves or savings. Humph? Where did the breakdown in rationale and logic come from? I was taught that you do not buy what you cant afford, If you want a big something you SAVE UP, then buy it.

I am convinced the devil concocted the buy now pay later, and 0% down for a year then bam your couch is at 25% interest. My question is why in the sam hill do so many Americans fall for it. Was I in the minority of children taught an understanding that if you spend 22 cents more then you earn, . .your in debt 22 cents?!?

I can not say my knowledge of dollars and cents has really gotten us any where. Thanks to out of state tuition we are pretty much in a gigantic financial prison. Which brings us back to why we are still trashy and fine with that. We absolutely could go to Costco and buy their leather sofa (special introductory offer, blah blah scheme). But we know we would just delay paying off our student loans and their steadily growing interest by that much more. I am sure we could 'qualify' for a luxury car. However not until 4 years of out of state grad school are pad off could we ever realistically 'afford' a new car. And even then, I d have to save up and buy it not rent from a bank or a dealership.
we paid allot of money for this experience

This post is not meant to boast of my wonderful financial superiority, because frankly I am likely the most in debt of any out there. All I really refer to is the basics of living without luxuries, until our homes are really in order. Our society seems wrecklessly irresponsible with their own money, taking themselves farther and farther into debt. For what?, 4 wheelers, luxury cars, time shares, boats, what? Really what is so important to buy on credit, that you would risk your freedom, your financial freedom and stability for?!? I am hoping that the next craze will not be to have 'things', but to seek and obtain fiscal freedom.

Does anyone else wonder why or how American's can hypocritically point fingers at our fiscally irresponsible government. Our government is led by Americans; Americans that spend their own money at an average of 22 cents more per dollar then they earn. Why would they change that at work? How do people rationalize purchases they cant, and will possibly never be able to afford? What happened to saving money? "A penny saved is a penny earned" wasn't that said by an American? The short guy with beady glasses and a kite was on to something . . .and not just light. (my wife was referring to how even though Thomas Edison invented electic light, the short guy with the bifocals( Ben Franklin, of course) and a kite was on to electricity first, this he didnt invent light, but was just "on to "it, meaning making us closer to the invention. I know most of you are educated and understood what she was referring to, I just didnt want there to be any confusion)