Thursday, December 10, 2009

When he grows a foot or two

The last several weeks have been very, very exhausting, busy and tiring for me.
Let me just list some of the bigger things I had to accomplish, along with keeping a clean house, laundry, feeding my family 3 times a day, homework, my softball games, field trips, helping at Madisen and Jeddy's classes, play dates, conducting primary, doing sharing time, filling in for primary teachers, and being a mommy.
  • Madisen Birthday, gifts, favorite meals for breakfast and dinner
  • End of soccer season team party, get and put together trophies, food, pictures, coaches gifts
  • halloween, we made costumes this year, carving pumpkins, pumpkin patch etc
  • Her Party the following week, we made pizza, lemonade, cookies, frosting, and their own party hats.
  • Thanksgiving with my sister's family and mom. It was a yummy meal, turkey, mashed pot with gravy, stuffing, pink salad, pomegranate salad, sweet potato's, sparkling grape juice, wassail, rolls, green bean casserole (not your usual kind), finished off with 2 apple pie, 1 pumpkin and vanilla ice cream to help it all go down. Needless to say it was a meal to be thankful for, but allot of work. Thank goodness my mom was over pies, and that my sister Britt helped out so much.
  • Madisen's baptism- in our stake the family is in charge of everything, program printing, finding people, getting pianist, getting clothes etc.
  • Her baptism luncheon, I made lentil and chicken noodle soup, well My sister and I did. 2 big jelly rolls of Texas sheet cake, veggie platter and fruit platter I had friends bring rolls and bread. set up tables, washing and returning R.S. table clothes
  • Primary activity, I was in charge of the activity and craft, we made wood blocks that were covered with pretty scrapbook paper and said 'JOY', the little kids painted ornaments. I had to cut and saw 90 3 x 4 in blocks of wood. get all supplies, cut paper to size, cricet punch 100 letters, and bag them for each child
  • Jeddy's birthday shopping with out him is so hard, so last night at 10pm I finally went out after Ben was done with mutual. shopping for and preparing his favorite meals
  • His party is this Saturday, homemade invitations, gift bags, menu planning and buying etc.
I give this information because I feel is shows you what my kids have had to endure through. Last week Jeddy was asking me, begging me to play baseball with him. I looked him in the eye and explained "sweetie, mom has 15 table clothes, 6 sheet sets, 12 towel's, to launder, 2 meals of dishes to clean, 3 bathrooms that are in dire need of attention and no one but me to do it. Can you play catch, or T-ball with Benson, maybe today and tonight I can hurry through all this and tomorrow we can play . . .I'm sorry".

Instead of being sad, or complaining or even not understanding, he went out side. I thought he was going to play. I went to the garage started laundry. I heard what I thought was Benson playing in the kitchen sink, so I yelled to him to go play with Jeddy. As I walked in the house I saw cute little Jeddy had pulled up a chair, rolled up his sleeves, and was doing my huge sink full of dishes. He went in the back to drop off his toys. I gave him a big hug. He finished the sink and started the dishwasher all by himself, then went out back to play.

I couldn't help but think what a wonderful boy. I know I cannot take credit for how thoughtful and helpful he is. It is his nature, he is a sweet boy. If this could be taught, this is the one lesson I would teach the young Men in the Church. Never let your wife work harder then you in a day.
I know Jeddy is going to be the husband that is doing the dishes while his wife mops the floor (not watching espn). He is going to be folding the clothes or cleaning the bathroom while she puts the kids in the bath.

I think there is a disconnect that men quit working when they get home from work. Ben I have to say is fabulous with entertaining the kids and keeping them from making messes and bugging me so I can get a meal on the table.

I just have to say I know Jeddy is going to be a very aware and thoughtful guy. I was very impressed that he didn't even come running to say, mommy look what i did. He did it with out praise. He did get a big treat when Benson went down for a nap!!!

Anyway in honor of him on his special day (he is 5), I ask all you readers what is the best quality you think someone should grow up to have? What is your son, husband great at? I am so proud of my boy and I want everyone to feel the love and happiness I feel for him because of his truly wonderful qualities with the boys, men in their lives.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Changes coming!

We will be changing the name of our blog. I was hoping for something a bit more catchy but this is who we are: the C-bad six. If you want to see some fun videos of a Scavenger Hunt where we surprised the kids with the news, you can see them on Ben's Facebook page.

Madisen's Baptism

Saturday, November 28, 2009
begins at 10:30 am
LDS Chapel
1975 Chestnut Ave

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Radical school system

I am not getting political and picking on either party here. I just cannot believe how radical (left or right) and insane some of our policy is.

A six year old boy joins boy scouts get an awesome utensil, a fork spoon knife combo, so he brings it to school and eats lunch. Some one of their rocker calls it a knife, making it a weapon and thus the boy was suspended for 45 days.

He never threatened anyone or wielded it to anyone, he ate with a cool UTENSIL, and got suspended. How does this happen?

Luckily the school board met over the issue after lots of back lash and support for the six year old 'criminal'. Finally some common sense!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ben and I ran another tri together. I will tell you I almost peed my pants, and died in the swim, but after that it was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It was a hard corps series. We had to wake up early and get on the Marine Corps base and then make our way over to the Navy beach where they house all the LCAC's.

Ben starts in of the first waves, right after the elite athletes. So I have to stand on the beach and watch 7 or so waves each take their turn and go. Meanwhile out of every wave (even the elite and gung ho Marines) a few people have to be rescued by the jet ski personnel. At first I thought it was interesting I have never seen jet ski's, the rescuers are all on kayak or surfboards. But then I started listening to the people around me and put it together.

Apparently this spot or break in the beach in known for its crazy waves. There is no calm little waves. So silly Kim who hates water, salt, being wet etc voluntarily signed up for a tri with a 5 foot surf. Ben and I still debate this detail, he loves water, and is much taller he thinks it was only 3 feet. I know better, it was monstrous, I truly am surprised I finished and survived.

Back on track, after getting killed with waves and tasting nastiness I got over the 'break' and was able to set a pace and move forward. I forgot however to pay attention on the way back in and was pummeled. I get no points for style. But like I said I finished and went into my sweet transition, taking everything off before I even entered the Transition zone. I really excel at the transition times. I can't swim and running and biking I am no better than average.

I was so excited about the bike. It was 45 k, so the longest race distance ever by me. Plus my friend Marie, well her former Marine Pilot husband, lent me his custom Kestrel tri bike. the bike is of more value then Ben's car. So I was scared to ruin it but so excited to enjoy a quality machine. I cut my bike time in half, from the Catalina triathlon. I did train a few more times but it pretty much was the bike. I wish I had ridden the coarse before, I would have pushed it allot harder. I just rode real politely until the turn around and then I booked it. there is never time in my life for a leisurely drive to check out the race coarse.

I was pretty worried about the run, it was hot and my shins were KILLING. I had never been in pain like that. I just pretended they were one of my kids when they are obnoxious. I ignored it, and kept moving. I even picked up my pace the last mile and a half. Ben ran the last yards with me. He literally raced with me. I wasn't made for speeding up after 2 hours of physical exertion. But I indulged him, he came in first again!

IT was so fun. I am really proud of this race. I realize it is nothing amazing no lives were saved but I still feel pretty cool when I wear my T-shirt around!
Too bad the one shot we got I have a dorky look and my eyes are closed. Oh well you can see how awesome my Transition area is. And check out my pimp ride. thanks MIKE!!!!!!!

Soccer has started, 2 practices a week, Madisen on Tuesday, Jeddy on Wednesday. Games for each every sat, starting the 29 of august. Jeddy is so excited to be involved and have his things to do. It is great to see him develop and try and succeed. I am so proud of Madisen, she doesn't know any girls on her new team. She hasn't let that make her shy, well she is shy but she still gets in there. I am so proud that she is coming out of her shell and doing more and more things out of her comfort zone.

A bunny! August was filled with, beach every wed, hikes, pool, primary activity- games and races at the beach, picnics, Karate, and throwing up!. We went to Utah, and came home throwing up, it went thought the family and took us out of commission for a week.

We are all recovered. And that's our summer, it came to an end sept 2.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Highlights of July

I have such cute kids. I love this picture. Madisen is being her shy little smile darling self. Jeddy is being his must expend energy. Benson is not paying any attention to me and has haagen daz ice cream all over his face. Taken at the Batiquitos Lagoon

lagoon During their pollinator awareness event.
The kids cutting out leaves that thier "catapillars will eat. My kids LOVE crafts. I do also, just not the clean up at the end.

I have never seen Benson hold so still. What a big boy. he was so excited to get face painting, I am so glad he picked a bee and not a flower. Luckily we didnt have to have that conversation with Ben. "Why is my SON wearing a flower".
Probably the biggest event that happened all summer was the kids bikes were 'stolen'. The kids and I go on hikes early tuesday and thurs morning. We go with our good friends the Hommels. Yes even in the summer I wake my kids up and we go on 2 to 3 hour hikes around the volcano. At first it was me pushing Jeddy (40 pounds) and Benson 25 (pounds) in my double stroller (10 pounds) with all our water, snacks and supplies (5 pounds). so I definately got my intended workout . . . .wspecially on inclines.

I was so excited when Jeddy learned to ride his bike. But when he crashed then I was pushing him and his bike. So there were always times of great struggle! But it was great.

So back to the bikes. One day we decided to ditch the strollers and bikes and go up the face of the volcano. Well we did, we enjoyed the view and breeze and went back down. We got to where we put the bikes behind bushes and they were NO WHERE. The kids were crushed! Tears!. Poor Jeddy just mastered a 2 wheel, madisen loved her purple queen amadala (sp?) bike.
I tore off in one direction, and Marie took her kids and went the other. We were goging to catch these meanies! Really we both separeted and stopped sp we could pray with our kids. After a moment alone and a prayer to guide us and comfort the kids we were on the hunt!.

Long story short we spoent 2 hours on foot and car searching all dead end trails.

I brought the kids home and we got cleaned up and moved on with our day. I just decided I need to report it. What can it hurt. So I spent 20 minutes filing a report and giving incredible details and descriptions of the bikes. I hung up and said another prayer to help the person that took our bikes realize how much my kids love and want their bikes. Any way, I called Marie gave her the no update update and hung up. I noticed I had a message on my phone. It was the police officer from the impound station (the last of 4 officers I had just spoken too).
I teared up as he explained on his message that he went out back just to be thourough and found the kids bikes. He was funny be repeated the leangthy description I gave him of my bikes. so he said coem on down and see if they are a match.

I had just put bence down for a nap . . . But we got him up and went. We got our bikes back. Evidently what happened was a jogger thought they had been abandoned inthe trails. so they had the police coem pick them up. Some good samaritan was saving us from our bikes. It was aan emotinal day. I must add Madisen was a little sad that she indeed wasn't getting a new bike now that we found her old one. I am so relieved to have them back.

Slip n slide, we used lots of soap yto really slick the runway down. Madisen loved to try to go backwards. It is cold water so we never lasted too long. Which is better for the grass anyway.
I know I do not need to mention this but Jeddy got bored of the normal run and slide action. So after a while he was spinning, side running, adding leaps and etc. I am happy to report he still has no stiches or broken bones. He has been superglued and sterri striped together on many occassions.
Even Benson got into to all the action. Mostly I would hold both his hands over head head and drag him down. But he had a few runs of his own
fun times for 4th of July. We all took turns on the diving board. Ben powered through severeal slick flips and moves, I did an areal, and front flip. Jeddy tried out front flips, the rest just jumped.
Again with my friend Marie we had our kids make 4th of july shirts. MArie has 2 boys so she was thrilled to help Madisen with her glitter glue and make fireworks on her shirt. I was head crafter for the boy shirts. Jeddy and bence helped and are so proud of their shirts. Jeddy did a fair amount of the sewing and cutting. Bence more or less helped in theory. I love the fourth of July!!!!! LOVE IT. It was so fun we went to pipes in encinitas for breakfast. We met all the guys after their surf session. It was fun we had breakfast then headed fo parades, parties, pool and BBQ parites, then costco to watch the legoland fireworks. We decided to take coast hwy home prettier drive if we have to hit traffic. We stopped at taarack and saw 3 firework shows going off. IT was a great ending to a wonderful holiday. I really should have posted this in its seperate post . . .like 3 months ago. ha ha ha.
a lazy summer morning

Ben was getting tired of his clean cut apperance, so he shaved himself a mohawk. I am sure if we were not goign to the other dentist in the offices house that night it would have stayed longer. there is the proof, we all get a little crazy in the summer.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun in June: tadpoles and parks

Tadpole time! Our kids love the ravine in the back yard. We always go for walks and exploring. In June is when the tadpoles are out. We took 4 or so trips to see them. We brought some back and tried to raise them. we were successful last year. this year benson really did not understand leaving them alone. Between benson and the wilderness in our back yard no tadpoles matured to frogs with our help. Instead we are probably responsible for the demise of many, many creatures. In this spot you have to walk on a log over the pond to get to a few more little pond areas. benson of course did not wait for any assistance. he had no hand holds for half the log walk but he just tore across it. He makes me so nervous. Luckily we all stayed dry, well our shoes were really muddy. And several bug bites. It's all worth it to have such fun adventures.

The kids love when Luke and April and baby Jaren come over. Benson is convincing Luke to let him play with his ipod game thing. Benson was cute he put his arm around Luke's shoulder and watched, then moved in closer, then was holding it with Luke, then he was holding it by himself. He slowly and strategically commandeered Luke's ipod.
Our family tree, Jeddy, Ben, Benson, and Madisen. I did not even attempt to join in all the climbing fun. The big kids were climbing when Dad drove up from work. Then I hear all sorts of yelling from the front. "Mom, hurry . . . .and bring the camera." I was thinking Jeddy caught another lizard or frog. Or Benson was naked water painting. I was wrong. They were having a tree party.
We spent many mid mornings at hidden canyon. Where Jeddy mastered the monkey bars. he and Madisen now go back and forth. And I help Benson go back and forth, back and forth. I love having active kids.

Benson; the ride of our lives.

This isn't a great picture of Bence, but you can see his great front kick. He did a little tykes karate over the summer. Madisen and Jeddy were the helpers and did it with him. It took him several minutes to get into it. But then he loved it. The middle section of the class they did an obstacle course. Through a tunnel, somersault over the wedge, kicks through hula hoops and etc. that is his favorite part. He whips out his somersault with no needed help.
great stance Benson!
Never a dull moment with Benson. He is always so willing to try anything. He is very similar to evil kanevil (SP). He throws himself off the diving board. With or with out Ben around to catch him. It takes two of us to keep him from drowning.
A typical day at lunch in our house. A naked Hannah Montana, a cowgirl and a cowboy sit up for refueling. Benson never has a dull outfit. He loves all Madisen's girl dress up and shoes. He even likes to paint his nails all by himself when I assume he is napping. I really should get a video baby monitor for this kid. He has learned to shut his door and creep into my bathroom. When I see his door open I know he is up to something.
Today he was wearing a full outfit of boy clothes, so to spice it up he made a 'wig' of black hair he went around with all day. Who knew a dish towel could be so useful!?!? These are the dress ups we'd prefer him to wear. Ben is getting pretty tired of coming home to a pretty princess with sparkly headbands.
We chopped his hair off! Shaved his head with the number 3 guard. Here he is climbing at the playground. Benson has successfully killed his front tooth. To many hard tumbles. He is my one child that should be wrapped with bubble wrap. He does not know any fear or limitations.

He grows by leaps and bounds, It's Jeddy

What a stud, he can ride a 2 wheel bike now. Our family went on a bike ride to the basketball court. When there Jeddy just wanted to try Madisen's bike. He tried and tried, and in just a few minutes he was riding. He rode Madisen's bike home!!! he is a quick study. He is so proud of himself.

His first Soccer team, the purple rainbows. He is on a indoor soccer league with 2 buddies from church. He had a great time and was so into it. He ran the whole time. Then, he was kicked in the head with the ball. He got knocked, it was a shiner. I couldn't get him to go back in after half time, and the next game, a week later I couldn't get him to go in without many, many tears.

I am glad to say we have recovered. he scored 2 goals in his AYSO game this morning.
Look at that smile, He loves being busy, and running around. Jeddy is the description of BOY.

This haircut only last a week. Until I could sit him down again and actually finish the job! He is trying to learn how to read. he was so good and sounding out all sorts of words over the summer. We need to get it back into our school schedule routine. I love that he tries and tries, he is not afraid to fail.

Jeddy has been taking Karate for 7 months. he really is good, and enjoys it a lot. We finally were able to make a belt advancement. he really wanted to skip the orange belt and advance to the purple belt. He really took it serious. I was so proud of him. Luke and April came to share the event with him.

Here he is with his instructor Mrs Leah. He is getting his Orange belt. Now check out the sour face below. He is with his best buddy Chase, and he is very grumpy.He did get over it, and works a lot harder. I think it was a great learning experience for him. Now he knows what it takes to advance, and what he needs to do. We are so proud of him. His teacher has complimented him several times on how much more into it he is now. He takes it much more seriously now.

IT is fun having Jeddy involved in his own activities, and getting to see him grow and develop. Even with the bumps and sour attitudes along the way! I have to say he is 90 % fun and energy, and 10 % frustration!

Big events for Madisen

It is early morning, the house is quiet, the boys are sleeping and Madisen is READING. we were really active and busy all summer but some how our little girl found time to read a book(S) every day. I started keeping record and we wrote all the titles and added up the pages in her journal. Guess how many pages she read. Let me remind you she is 7. Some books she read: Narnia chronicles, Beverly Cleary, any American girl book she could find, and many Boxcar children books. I will let you ponder on your guess and give the answer later.
We were grinding wheat to make some yummy bread. Madisen took a turn and the next thing she knew she had blood running out her mouth, and found a new hole. the sweet girl knocked her loose #E tooth out cranking the handle. She was so excited, she has lost so many teeth in shortest time!
I finally gave in! She got her haircut. We all hung out in the back yard and I went through the family. Madisen was first, then the boys. She donated her hair to the ravine, for birds nest :-)

So here it is Our speed reader read more then 1,000 pages. She even read more then 10,000 pages. yes I meant 4 zeros. She read a grand total of 11,270 pages. And we only counted chapter books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go our sweet little book worm.

endless days of summer

A goofy Madisen and serious Jeddy posing in front of a peacock. Ben's family came to town to go to Disneyland they all spent a few days there. The grandparents drove Anne, Katie and Natalie out so they could enjoy Disneyland with Natalie (she went as a toddler so she needed to experience it again). They spent a few days with us and one day we went on a walk and tour of Leo Carrillo ranch. It is a famous old movie stars house, well large estate with many buildings, and tons of PEACOCKS.
Benson absolutely adores Aunt Katie, here he is showing us a peacock. He would hear their yelps and get so excited. "Mom, I hear them" . . .he is so cute.

the McEvoy crew at Luke, April and Jarens in Escondido. We had fun swimming, playing in the sand. The most exciting event was the ferocious volley ball tournament. All the little kids ran after the loose balls. Jeddy tried so hard to hit the ball over the net. Which he did accomplish. He never gives up!
Yummy cool whip treat at the beach with our friends. And the best part when they get messy you send them off to play in the water.
Luckily we tried out a new beach spot. A nudest beach.. Benson was right at home. He loved it. Yeah just kidding, he just wouldn't stay dressed. Our friends brought a potty seat for their girls in training. And Bence constantly was trying it out. I am so glad he never had to #2.
What silly kids, they must watch too much Adam Sandler, they are being Watermelon heads.