Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quality versus quantity in family matters

This is taken from a email I sent all Ben and my Siblings. It was in my pre- blogging days, but I love it so I added it

Friends and family,

here is an update on my life . . .life with 3 kids.
So basically I see no difference in the quantity of kids you have that makes things harder or not.

my theory is the quality of your kids. let me explain.
I was in the shower a few weeks ago my 2 yr old Jeddy comes walking in w/ something in his hand.
"whats that Jeddy?" he replied but, I did not hear him . . . all i see is drips and yucky brown drool exiting his mouth (onto my carpet).
My wonderful son , needed a snack and instead of bothering me, he unselfishly got the hot chocolate powder down from the TOP SHELF in my pantry.
clean and dry now I followed a chocolate saliva trail from my bedroom to the kitchen.

once there I realized I hadnt cleaned up after breakfast. but jeddy had. Again thoughtfully he put the brown sugar "away" it was sprinkled across my entire kitchen.

these and so many more are the perfect example of what a quality child Jeddy is. To top it all off he is even potty training himself.
He just learned how to get his diapers off. So instead of now making me change his poopy diapers he does it himself. occasionally he will bring me the evidence or ask for some help. but all in all he seems to not need me any more to help change his poopy diapers. With all my spare time now that i am not changing his diapers I can de-poop our house and undo the laundry he has started by himself.

so siblings since I am the 1st to have 3. I just wanted you to know dont be nervous or scared to add another to your family. as you can see its not the quantity of kids its the quality of kids. And i have quality kids.....

I really have not noticed my life any more filthy chaotic or stressful!

Love Kim