Thursday, February 28, 2008

What makes Jeddy tick? Insanity or genious?

It has been a 2 ear infection, case of pneumonia, Thinking day for Carlsbad girl scout council, troop meeting, goal of the kids to dirty every thing in the house, go to Dr's appt with 6 kids under the age of 6, and scissors taken to library books and our sofas kind of week. This has been our life.

Needless to say I have not had time to post lately.

When I would call my mom from Virginia and try to explain to her how wonderful but active and insane my Jeddy was, she had 2 responses. No matter the story, the same response. Laughter so hard I am sure she peed her pants, and "Kim he is just like you", of course she said this through tears and nasal snorts as she tried to gain control of her laughter.

We moved to her house for our homeless summer, before Vegas. I remember pretty vividly my mom enjoying Jeddy, and saying you need to record all his adventures. She used the word adventure but really she meant the upheaval he caused just being an independent inquisitive boy. My first thought was, why would I want to remember him cutting up my fabric collection, or him "cleaning" the carpet with glue, or the vast times he has redecorated.

Luckily, I had a second thought, that my mom was right. I think I am well equipped with stories for when girls comes over to date him. Hopefully I will scare them off . . .at least until after his mission. A great benefit to this archiving is: I have learned to really love him. Not to worry, I have always loved him. He is my little Jeddy, we took naps everyday I was pregnant w/Bence (to insure we would get our rental deposit back. he was only trusted when sedated). I love to see his little mind grasp the world around him and to see his interpretation. I love him.

Let me explain. After breakfast a year and a half ago I told the kids to play upstairs in their room, I was going to shower. Jeddy asked for Hot Cocoa and I explained, "No Jeddy, I cant make it for you". So my wonderful Madisen did exactly as I asked. Jeddy did too, just a different interpretation. He took the brown sugar from the table and evenly spread it over the kitchen floor, practicing for his next bowl of cream of wheat. Then he scaled our 4 shelf pantry to the "out of reach top shelf". The cocoa powder fell and opened but hey no damage done. Its now opened for him and ready to be used. He proceeds to mix water in cups and the powder. He soon realizes the taste is better if you skip the water and just eat the powder. So with a full mouth of cocoa powder he comes to show off his self reliance to me in the shower.

Easy for me to find the crime scene as a chocolate drool trail was left on the carpet.

He took, "I cant make it for you", and said, "Ok I'll do it myself". Can you blame him. well I did. I cant say it has stopped him but at least I can get things cleaned up while he is in time out.

Jeddy and his skilled interpretation of life might drive the faint of heart into an asylum. But really I have just grown to love him more, I am graying fast and need more naps then ever. But I really love my little rascal. I mean my big rascal.

My point of the blog is recording History. I think through writing it down and thinking about it in a creative or logical way, I take out my freak frustration and some anger and can just love him for him. I find I am that way with biographies as well.

Many of you know Jeddy is named from Heber J. Grant, the J. is Jeddy, not Jedidiah, or Jed. After naming him after President Grant I read several biographies. I just think the world of him. same goes with Stonewall Jackson, Emiline Durkheim and George Washington Carver. What an interesting thing it is to really invest energy to get to know someone.

I urge all my fellow bloggers to fall in love, not romantically, with someone in their lives. A friend(good old Lynn Henry) shared on his blog hours spent with his dying grandfather in the hospital and getting to know each other that way. It got me thinking, and brought me to this post. I wish I had the time to just dissect and write about all my kids all day long, they are wonderful. After I brag about them, I seem to be a better mom to them.

We spend our days trying to digest and interpret millions of bits of information, but how rewarding it is to focus on human life, explore and understand those around us. And come to love them. The next time Ben drives me nuts, hopefully I will try to get to know him and Love him, instead of just focusing on getting my point across.

God knew what he was doing when he made us. What a life.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome to Monticello

Many of you know we used to live in Virginia. One of our favorite places to go was the estate of Thomas Jefferson, our beloved Father of the Constitution, and third President of the United States of America. Since it was kind of a political time of year, I figured I would recall some trips we have taken in the birthplace of our country. This picture is one we took while visiting nearby Charlottesville, VA. We hold much respect for this man as did many others. JFK once welcomed forty-nine Nobel Prize winners to the White House. He said, "I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent and of human knowledge that has ever been gathered together at the White House — with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone." So to those of you history lovers, enjoy this current picture of the home that sits behind his face on the nickel.

Next I would like to show you a home in Carlsbad, CA that we checked out at an open house yesterday. Many of you know, we are thinking of buying a home, so we check things out from time to time. Here is a picture.

Here is a nice house. No one would be ashamed to live in this home. It is a bit of a fixer upper, note the front window is boarded up, and the flooring has been torn up by the previous owner that was foreclosed on. Anyway, so far it is the most reasonably priced starter home in a nice neighborhood with a great backyard that we have seen since moving to Carlsbad. Don't worry we won't rush into anything.

So here is where this post takes a turn. That first picture, probably none of you doubted me when I said it was a picture of Monticello, a lavish mansion brainchild of Jefferson. Well, it isn't. It is actually a home for sale in Mt. Olive, NC. A good bud, Martin Johnson is living in the area and he is thinking of buying this home apparently. The catch, the asking price for the nearly 5000 square foot Classical Revival home on 3/4 of an acre with a swimming pool in the backyard is $510,000. Our cute fixer upper 1800 square foot home lists for the price on $525,000. Uhm, Martin, mind if I move in?

So make up your own minds, but I have to say, I live in Southern California and I love it. But when I see things like this, I feel like I might be crazy. My first instinct is to either puke, move or surf so I can justify how in the crud I live here. So I am off from work early, I am leaving and I hope sharks don't smell puke, cuz it is 70 degrees outside and all of a sudden I am feeling kind of queezy. See ya,


Here is a Post post script. this is a link to the north carolina home,2555,682,2905,3119,2654,2733,3117,2768,2157,3021,3056,3082,2776,2777,2953,2957,2973,2943,2326,2880,2518,2217,2893,3107,3124,3131,2999,3061,2975,2978,2990,2951,1825,2421,3118&searchname=Listings%20In%20North%20Carolina&searchdest=%2Fcf%2Flistinglist%2Ecfm%3Fq%5Flistingstate%3DNC%26searchname%3DListings%2BIn%2BNorth%2520Carolina%26startrow%3D1%26maxrows%3D25

Post pps. surfing was nice. i still stink, but i have a great time.

here is the new sign for my office that Swanny made. nice work buddy. I love it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ying yang

What is the scripture(s) i am looking for . . .for every bad there is a something good. For with all good comes bad also. etc, something like that. I was really sick last weekend, sore throat, aches, congested, tired and yeah sick. However the sweetest blessing occurred.

So I lay in bed trying to mend. All I really want is a long restful nap. Instead my sweet daughter comes to check on me every 5 to 10 minutes. She patted my head, colored and cut a heart, wrote a get well card, made me herbal tea, got daddy to get me more medicine, brought me water, gave me a kiss, made sure I was drinking my tea, asked if I was asleep yet, brought more Kleenex's and took my dishes to the kitchen. At about the 4th interruption I almost got mad at her. Then I realized something, she loves me. My sweet somewhat of a recluse 6 year old, is painstakingly doing everything in her imagination and power to help me.

I am so glad I stopped my self from getting frustrated with the interuptions and was able to see how wonderful she is. The lord gave me what I really wanted it was just disguised in the altruistic actions of my daughter.

Along the same lines of bad things turning out to be blessings, and the concept of opposition in all things lets talk about pregnancy. I was reading medical news and found some great information.
It was an article about how pregnant women shouldn't consume caffeine, some studies link it to a 50% higher miscarriage rate. Is caffeine in the word of wisdom?-- that's another blog. That isn't relevant to me but the article stated the following which is very applicable to me.

"Women who have morning sickness are less likely to miscarry than those who do not, possibly because the same hormonal changes that cause nausea and vomiting contribute to a healthy pregnancy. But some researchers said morning sickness could lead to confusing results in caffeine studies. These researchers argued that because they feel ill, some women may consume less caffeine. That tendency may make it appear that they are less likely to miscarry because they avoid caffeine, when the reason is actually that they began with healthier pregnancies."

I am living proof that the article and scripture's are true. I was sicker then a dog for 9 months, 8 months and then only 7 with Benson. I will concede this is not a sound statistical or untried argument. Yet they are all here, and I was very healthy minus loosing weight during pregnancy. Granted I am not pregnant now yet I'd rather be sick and have that little extra security that it is a healthier pregnancy then not. If I ever get pregnant again and I am sick please don't remind me I said this.

I could research the scriptures for my self but I thought this is a great opportunity to test the religious levels of my blog community (5 strong and growing). I would like to hear your experiences with opposition in all things and finding the blessings among hardships. I look forward to your comments.

Friday, February 8, 2008

It has been a whole year!

Jeddy sharing his favorite costume with Bence. Bence isnt so sure J is being nice or not.

It is our little Bence's Birthday. Or actually it is the first anniversary of his birth (As my Dad would say). We are so glad to have him in our family. I always try to enjoy the stages my kids are in because time
passes so quickly. But with Bence I can't wait for him
to grow up bigger then Jeddy and be able to defend himself. He has bumps, bruised, bite marks, finger pokes scratches and the best disappointed look anyone could give a big brother. The most frustrating part about this is Jeddy does most of it out of love for his wonderful playmate. Benson is learning patience and endurance that is for sure.

Things Benson loves- Madisen's hair things and make-up, getting into cabinets, "sorting" mom's Tupperware, walking, playing on the stairs, peek-a-boo, 5 little piggies, books, being in charge of turning the pages during reading, applesauce, cheerios, warm bottles, baths with siblings . . . never alone, toothbrushes and brushing his 10 teeth.

He is a very good helper, he has an internal beacon and when the dishwasher is opened he come bolting in to help you unload . . .he never loads, just unloads. He is tall enough now to help unorganized drawers, his theory is everything is better when its on the floor. He loves to be with people. when Ben comes home from work Benson will keep his eye on him and start crying If he is not acknowledged fast enough. he needs his daddy's love, and quickly.Things he doesn't like- green beans, things taken from his hands, being put in his high chair, being dressed or undressed, diaper changes, waking up in the dark, and missing naps.

A very cute thing Benson is doing now is when he gets hurt and you pick him up and give him comfort and a hug, he pats you on the back. He is so cute. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we have.

Our little Cougar fan Cheering the cougars against the UCLA bruins with Uncle Josh

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I had a Nephi night

The big guy (jedster, Matthew J, Spiderman, Peter Parker-but only on
Sunday, mister monster or Jeddy) had his surgery on Tuesday. 2 pharmacy's and 2 prescriptions later we finally got the correct medicine and gave him his first dose of the special inner ear antibiotic. It is highly favored to dose the ear 2 times a day for a week following surgery. Unfortunately after Jeddy's 3rd dose the bottle was lost. The good news with this is that every drawer in our house has been sorted through and cleaned, all 3 bathrooms have been cleaned twice, the kids rooms bins are all in order, under the fridge is spotless, couch cushions were vacuumed, bed linens cleaned and made. I was really working hard to try and find his medicine. Days passed, and passed. I finally spent some quality peaceful time on my knees. I leveled with The Lord and told him I have tried, I have no more knowledge to possible locations it could be. I asked for his help and guidance.

I felt impressed to do laundry after. Which is uncomfortable because I do not do laundry on Sunday, I consider that my work. So I choose to have Sunday my day of rest from laundry.
I felt comfortable taking the laundry all down to the garage (laundry room). Then I proceeded to the computer and looked at all the beautiful pictures of my kids. And i thought hmmmm maybe we have evidence of where the medicine is in some pictures.

So, I worked my way back in time to the day I knew he was given his last dose. As I was admiring my handsome baby loving his new obsession- brushing his teeth. It came, directly from Him above . . .My sweater is dirty. My sweater in the picture is dirty. And all the pieces of my impression came together. I screamed and ran to the garage. Ben was becoming more and more alarmed. I was so thrilled to find Jeddy's medicine in my dirty sweater's pocket.

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that we can communicate with on a personal level. I am grateful for personal inspiration for even the little meaningless things in our lives. I am grateful for the gospel in my life as a mother, I believe it makes me a better mother . . . or at least one with better resources.