Sunday, February 3, 2008

I had a Nephi night

The big guy (jedster, Matthew J, Spiderman, Peter Parker-but only on
Sunday, mister monster or Jeddy) had his surgery on Tuesday. 2 pharmacy's and 2 prescriptions later we finally got the correct medicine and gave him his first dose of the special inner ear antibiotic. It is highly favored to dose the ear 2 times a day for a week following surgery. Unfortunately after Jeddy's 3rd dose the bottle was lost. The good news with this is that every drawer in our house has been sorted through and cleaned, all 3 bathrooms have been cleaned twice, the kids rooms bins are all in order, under the fridge is spotless, couch cushions were vacuumed, bed linens cleaned and made. I was really working hard to try and find his medicine. Days passed, and passed. I finally spent some quality peaceful time on my knees. I leveled with The Lord and told him I have tried, I have no more knowledge to possible locations it could be. I asked for his help and guidance.

I felt impressed to do laundry after. Which is uncomfortable because I do not do laundry on Sunday, I consider that my work. So I choose to have Sunday my day of rest from laundry.
I felt comfortable taking the laundry all down to the garage (laundry room). Then I proceeded to the computer and looked at all the beautiful pictures of my kids. And i thought hmmmm maybe we have evidence of where the medicine is in some pictures.

So, I worked my way back in time to the day I knew he was given his last dose. As I was admiring my handsome baby loving his new obsession- brushing his teeth. It came, directly from Him above . . .My sweater is dirty. My sweater in the picture is dirty. And all the pieces of my impression came together. I screamed and ran to the garage. Ben was becoming more and more alarmed. I was so thrilled to find Jeddy's medicine in my dirty sweater's pocket.

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that we can communicate with on a personal level. I am grateful for personal inspiration for even the little meaningless things in our lives. I am grateful for the gospel in my life as a mother, I believe it makes me a better mother . . . or at least one with better resources.


Jason said...

Y'guys are rocks. Stories like yours will inspire many. I know it did me. All our best to the Jedster. Jed-a-rama. The Jedikins. Jedidiah the Jedsterson! (I could go on...) Hope all else is well too. Ben's Disney entry got all jealous and now we want to hit the land of Diz soon!

brittdave said...

Inspirational and funny at the same time, just like Gordon B. Hinckley.

Martin said...

When I read the headline I thought you reluctantly had to behead Ben.

Ok maybe not reluctantly :)