Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nesting. . .getting ready for #4

I never go early, at least not naturally. Madisen- induced for toxemia day before due date, Jeddy- due date, and then induced 4 days early for mere convenience with Benson.
I get so eager the last month, I almost loose my mind. So I leave packing the bags and setting up the crib etc, until 3 weeks to go. Which is this week. I have 18 days to go. YEAH!!
I have been spending the last several months buying diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotion, powder, oil, and baby wash at rock bottom prices. So I have 6 of all the ointment stuff. 2000 wipes, and just under 800 diapers ranging from newborn to size 3. I have even gotten formula for half price and several cereal and jars of food for free! And loads of free samples on everything. I am stocked and ready to hibernate. The best buy (not because of the deal but because of the stress it eliminated) was the car seat. I researched on consumer reports the safest and best car seat. Then I hunted one down on Craigs-list. I paid more then I should have but it was close, and in perfect! Perfect condition! I had 3 infected ears on 2 boys and didn't care to keep searching. So it was worth the extra cost to get it done. And I keep reminding Ben I saved us over $100 by not going to the store and buying it.
On Sunday I woke up at three AM with dire pain and really uncomfortable, cramp like not muscle tightening. I am pretty sure it was not braxton hicks contractions. But have never had them so I do not really know for sure. I woke Ben up at 4 am to help me find some Tylenol, I told him "I don't know where to look I cant find any in our bathroom." So he searched the hall closet, kitchen, kids bathroom, I think even went to the car. He came back empty handed. He went in our bathroom and found them immediately. I sent him on a wild goose chase. Obviously not on purpose, because I was really needing the pain killers and I don't enjoy jokes at 4 am.

So with that little warning I have been pretty ready to get things going this week. So are the kids. They get to pick out a boy outfit and a girl outfit to take to the hospital. For FHE we usually have the kids help clean all the equipment. So we hand out cleaning wipes and they wipe the tub, swing and etc out. They also get to load the Dishwasher with all the bottles, and help put diapers in the changing basket. They always love getting to be involved. We also go over the rules at that FHE such as no poking the babies eyes out, Do not teach the baby to fly and etc. With each child the rules get longer and longer and more detailed. Really, who knew you needed to teach your son not to pull out his baby brothers hair? Or Yes, Babies will always cry when you poke their eye!?!?! SO DON'T DO IT!

Ben was finally home long enough to get the bins down from the attic. So I have baby girl clothes, and baby boy clothes to sort. Sheets, blankets, bottles, pump, monitor, swing, bouncy and bibs galore to get situated. Now I just need to clean it, set up the crib, pack the hospital bag for me and baby and put some clothes away and we are good to go.

A new and interesting part of my nesting this time around includes eating a 6 qt bowl of caramel popcorn all by my self yesterday and having not 1 but 2 bowls of ice cream today. I am pretty sure neither the baby or I need fattening before the big day. Yet, I seem determined to throw out all knowledge of nutritional eating and gorge on what I fancy! Hmmmm. The best side to that is Benson strategically relocated my pregnancy workout DVD to and unknown place a few weeks ago, and the ones I rent from the library do not work on my broken DVD player. So my workouts have downgraded to: getting the mail, going up my stairs, and parking further away from the door when grocery shopping. Not the best combo! I really feel like a run along the beach, but with out my LARGE belly attached.

Ben was so cute when He opened the bin of girl clothes he pulled out a darling white dress with eyelets bordering the bottom, and said "Kim we might need to go to number 5 if this one comes out a boy!". I also got teary eyed looking through the bin of baby girl clothes. My baby girl is now 8 1/2. So many memories. Unlike Ben having been pregnant, and delt with the nausea and sickness I am pretty sure #5 will be a dog we buy, not another child!

Wish us luck!
We're almost there!

And if anyone was wondering, no we have no names, not a short list or a long list. My goal is to have the child named before we leave the hospital! So any good ideas are welcomed!