Sunday, December 30, 2007

My catch 22: reading

Many of you know I started a goal in November to always have my nose in a book (on top of the scriptures of course). You can see my shelf and link to shelfari link to see favorites and other list. I have been doing great. Since then I have read: Angela's Ashes, The Secret Life of Bee's, The Old Man and The Sea, half of Measures of a Man, James and the Giant Peach with Madisen, and last night finished Kite Runner. I for some unknown reason cannot get my self to read the biggest thing since sliced bread- the Vampire series, twilight, eclipse and something. I next am going to read God's and Generals.

What is the problem. I apparently have no self control. I read 20 pages of kite runner earlier in the week. Last night I put the kids down and cuddled under my down comforter to read. At 1 am Ben came to bed (my husband), I kept on reading. 3:00 am Benson woke up, Oh yeah I rushed him to bed without giving him his last bottle. Poor kid he was so hungry. I fed him and cuddled with now him and my book under the comforter.

At 4:30 am, 3 hours from getting up and starting the race to prepare for church, I put Bence in his crib with a tear stained face. I finished the last chapter and quickly dozed of.

It is probably a good thing for my kids that reading is not second nature to me. they would be ignored hungry bedraggled kids. My question is how do you get immersed in a book, and put it down. I know I am going to get the duh Kim you put it down and turn of the light. yeah obviously that worked last night!!!!

So on that note. besides the vampire series and Harry potter which against my families desires I'm just not into it, any recommendations !?!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Close.......yet so Far away

Well, the title and picture say alot. Bryan Pack, Jason Swann, Jeremy Swann, Brian Kechter, Carmy Mausten, David Allum-Poon, and I enjoyed watching our old team getting creamed by the best team in the state. I had to say I have never been so proud to be on the losing end of a game that was over by the first play of the 2nd quarter. NCS runners up. Very impressive.

Probably the best moment of the night for me was to be at Nations after the game til 1 am with the boys, eating a fat and juicy burger, some chocolate cream pie, and talking about the good old days. Spread across the country, we made the trek to be together. I only wish Josh could have been there with us, that would have completed the Mormon bro's from SR2 on the squad. Memories were alive, and made real by the old after game hangout "spot".

As we were getting ready to leave, Jeremy asked the group of players(it felt like looking at ourselves 13 years ago) sitting somewhat dejectedly at the table next to us how it was to play against De la Salle. The Spalliero brothers were there(only know that cuz they are twins). Not sure who else but someone said "They're fast. Real fast. We had no idea they were that fast". The greatest thing was we felt like we were them. I felt connected to those guys. Kind of like they were my kid brothers who knew I was proud of them.(I feel really gay and sort of like BJ in writing this right now, but I will continue. It sort of makes me wonder if he was there. I know he would have been.) As we got up, I turned to the players and said, "Hey guys, very nicely done this year." I dont know if they felt how big of a deal it was to me and the guys I was with, but I have a feeling they did. Their appreciation for mine told me they understood. Honestly, if you read this post (for our 2 blog regulars)and you played high school football, you should be crying right now. It was that touching of a moment. If you didn't you are probably thinking I am a total nerd, which I definitely am, but you might also be wishing you were a nerd like me. It was a great moment and a great weekend.

I am probably being so reflective here because I got to hang with some of my favorite high school buds(been 13 years for some), and had just a fantastic time. But also, because I got to stay and visit with the Chestnuts, and visit BJ's resting spot overlooking the Lafayette valley. Great view he's got. Love ya dogg. Miss ya buddy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

SPIDERMAN (turns) 3

It was an epic day. Madisen received more sleep last night then the rest of the family combined. Jeddy was suffering from some unknown ailment that made him yell at the top of his lungs until he woke his parents and baby brother up. Needless to say we started his birthday off on less then the right foot.

Once awake he was subtly reminded it was his birthday. . . .that started the race to kitchen. To his blissful glee he found a Spiderman scooter, and a t-ball set. He then asked why he did not receive the batman scooter ALSO.

he skipped breakfast and once dressed, immediately did a wardrobe change into something more comfortable . . .batman. Another crying fit came and ended with him falling asleep in full costume on our bed at 9:30. We somehow survived a trial run of his scooter at the park, visiting daddy for a office birthday song, lunch, and grocery shopping.

Spiderman was helpful enough to make his own cake (with some assistance from mom). we had to do something to occupy the time it took to cook and cool . . .so we watched Transformers. We then sat ourselves down to eat a gourmet birthday meal of choice by Jeddy, Mac N'Cheese. Against his wishes I made a veggie, and some edible food for the taller members of the family. Once enough dinner was heartily consumed we settled in to a t-ball game. that was rudely interrupted by the runs, I'm not talking RBI's either. Jeddy in tears and (yes you got it, but i wont type it) was rushed to the shower. We recovered from that and ended the white sox, verses red sox game. In lo of his stomach tender state we opted out of cake and will postpone that for a healthier day. Of all days to be up all night with cramps and ear ache, and an bad attack of diarrhea it had to be Spiderman's 3rd birthday.

Hopefully his Batman training camp (his party) on Saturday will make up for today's sourness.

A few things about Jeddy:
  • No fridge, dresser is to tall to climb, no stair is to high to jump.
  • princess dress ups aren't just for girls (sorry Ben)
  • I can never have to many Spiderman paraphernalia around.
  • The rules No throwing, kicking, hitting balls in the house are only rules mommy follows.
  • why walk when you could run, or "go fast".
  • He never let's his mom dress him, she does not meet his minimum style requirement.
  • he loves to dance, he is so good at shaking his hips and has the cutest two step rock. He loves to sing Newsies and Annie. He knows 'Its a hard knock life" by heart.
  • he buckles himself in the car, is potty trained, knows his ABC's and the BYU Cougar fight song.
  • as you can tell from the picture he's got perfect baseball form.
  • Has serious issues with wearing the wrong shoes for what he is wearing.
  • He always packs his backpack full of 3 or 4 toy bins, and we go from store to store running errands with a backpack that he lovingly lugs that is heavier then him.
  • Is quick to say sorry, but quicker to be rough and tumble or jab your eye.
  • Has the cutest bum in underwear, he will proudly display it for you too.
Jeddy Happy Birthday, you're a big 3. We are glad your in our family

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bad day at the Office

This is a great Belly Laugh! Thanks Steph for the sending it!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Opinions on Mitt

I have read several articles, and watched a few debates. I do like Mitt, I am on his campaign committee or fan club . .something like that. I do have to say after watching this last you tube debate I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. Mitt seemed to answer too many times with basically "I cannot say exactly . . . I would have to get the highest qualified around me and we would discuss it and make the best decision". I do agree with that format of operation. However, after several boo's from the audience and Me almost being able to predict his answer . .. I think he has to come up with some better answers and resolutions.

Let me know what you think or don't think. Republicans, Democrats, Liberal, Conservative your all welcome to comment, my 3 loyal readers.

How likely is it the Mr. Romney will get the republican nomination???

Friday, November 30, 2007

Jets to brazil, singing their sweet love song "sweet avenue"

After hiking Kings peak I went to their show at a club in SLC. It was so great!

Samson by Regina Spektor

I love this Lady, her lyrics, music, and videos are so hmmm. So something.
So simple yet powerful, very dramatic. She has many really good songs and fun videos.

hope you enjoy

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kim's Turn

I guess it was bound to happen, I was tagged. and since my husband only knows 4 people that blog, me two of his friends and one of mine; I knew I wasnt going to get untouched.

so here it goes 7 things about me
1. I really enjoy cooking, I mostly enjoy having people over and enjoying good food together. I go to restaurants like bi-yearly. So if there is a dish I love, I just have to learn how to make it my self. for example, yummy chimmi's, avocado egg rolls via cheesecake factory (of course with the 27 ingredient dipping sauce) cafe rio burritos, my next assignment Tuscan Chicken Marsala.

2. I did an internship for my major at the State of Utah Department of Child and Family Services. I investigated sexual abuse against minors in Orem and Provo area. I learned many wonderful things. Dont let cousins sleep over together, not every mother loves her children, In many cases the state is too careful in ripping the poor starved abused, drugged child from its parents arms. I investigated a case that happened to be one of my best friends next door neighbors. Phew I am soooo glad it was only an internship and that I stay home, with my kids.

3. I really, really love Matt Nathanson. I was introduced by a friend of his in college, and have wandered the country since seeing him on each coast and states in between. Here is his web page. I have to say even if you do not like his music you still would LOVE his concerts. He is HILARIOUS. covers, spears, prince, Bon Jovi. really a fun time. Lots of F-bombs. so see him in Utah if you can, he caters to the sensitive ears.

His official VH1 video from his latest hit car crash

Hope you enjoy!

4. I have always dreamed and yearned to be a good singer. I am jealous and grateful of the beauty and power song can have. In heaven I will be able to sing at a fireside, or funeral and be able to bring the spirit in the room. Until then I will rely on my charm and wit.

5. Order is very relaxing to me, my order. I sort, clean, and arrange my cupboards, drawers and closets on a continuous basis. When I am stressed I will go in the kids room, dumb all the bins, tubs and drawers and place every polly pockets thing in the polly pocket drawer, all animals in the animal bin, pj's in pj's no gender mixing, and all tops must be hung up!!!!. I love to open my pantry and see rows of artichoke hearts, in the veggie section, and my tomato section goes from sizes of cans small to large. I really enjoy organizing and sorting. If you ever need someone to throw away, and go through thing I am your girl! But I rarely mop my kitchen floor . .oops.

6. I won first place in poetry for several years in elementary. I stopped entering in jr high, but kept writing until kids. I still have all my notebooks full of poems. I really enjoy putting taste and flavor to words. That said I can not spell at all.

7. I love the look in my kids eye's when they know they are doing something bad and I walk in the room. Hopefully I will always know when they are up to something. I was never a baby person, but I love my babies. Kids are wonderful

so now I tag Lizza, April, Christa, Loree (Kory your off the hook)

Monday, November 19, 2007

I think I got tagged by Matthew

Okay, I am new to the blog world and am not even sure if I am doing what I am supposed to. We will see. I am finding it more and more interesting as I read other peoples blogs. I got tagged by my buddy Matthew Larson's blog and he said he was tagged by one of his favorite people, Wendy, formerly Wasden. As far as I can tell Matthew is now my blogging father and Wendy my blogging grandmother. All that is cool except that apparently I had a mini crush on my grandma in high school. Yikes. Maybe Matthew knows another Ben, and my heritage is now cloudy. Either way, if you have a few minutes, I guess this consists of me telling you 7 things about myself. What an easy way to enter the blogging world. I happen to be my favorite subject.

1. I am a dentist, and an aspiring Professional Surfer. The first one took me about 9 years of my life to achieve, so come 2016, you may see me on the Pro Tour working my way up in some surf competition like Maverick's or Pipeline. More likely than that, you will be reading my blog after reading my obituary after I was eaten by "Whitey"(This is my pet name for the Great White in my nightmares over the last 10 years or so). I have to say that I love both career paths. I especially enjoy hanging out with other dentist buddies of mine and discussing our latest Post and Core, or Root Canal. My latest fave is CAD/CAM technology in dentistry. It is totally sweet.

2. I live in paradise. I love Carlsbad. I dont know that I will ever be able to buy a house here, but it seems like a place I never want to leave.

3. I get offended easily and hold grudges at people who get offended easily and hold grudges. I am only serious about half of this statement. This is somewhat of a pet peeve. I actually like these people more than I used to. I used to just try and stay away, cuz I really like people who don't let things bother them. Surfers are pretty good at this. Unless they get really good and surf at Swami's, then I have found they get easily offended by guys who don't surf that well, and want you out of their ocean. Anyway, I think giving others a free pass is a much more pleasant way to live life.

I would like to describe the easily offended for a paragraph or so. In my experience they are pretty bright(intelligence wise, not necessarily countenance). They also usually have a low self esteem and I think partly leads them to go around looking for things to get bothered by. It usually makes them feel better about their miserable selves. Mostly they are introverts, but not always. I find that they have a bit of a jaded view of things, which can be rather entertaining. You can ask them about anyone in the room and find out a whole bunch of terrible things that make you feel better about yourself. But then when you are done talking to them you have to realize that whatever they know bad about you will also be shared with others. And you should know that in talking with them you have likely done something very offensive.

I personally think that people are generally good. I am usually more than willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt if they do something that could be taken as offensive. I dont know if anyone will read this blog, but I have intentionally been a bit offensive in this section, so that if anyone who reads it and gets annoyed at this post, will just take a look at themselves. Maybe they will check their blood pressure. Maybe take a Xanax. Maybe 2. Maybe think about their life and ask if some idiot newbie blogger is really worth being annoyed at. I mean come on, quit wasting your time. Get over yourself. Next subject.

4. I was built for speed, not strength. I am a huge Truman Madsen fan and i stole this quote from him. If you dont know who he is, you should become LDS and then figure it out. If already LDS, go to Deseret Book. Anyway, I am tall and skinny, and never have been very strong. It used to bug me when I was younger, in fact Br. Wing(a young men leader as a deacon) all 6'2" and 150 lbs of him said I wasn't quite strong enough to help out with a canoe on one of our scout excursions. That offended me back in my easily offended years. But since Truman, I have embraced my body type and appreciate that I may be a weakling, but at least I can run a 40 yard dash in in 5.1 seconds.(Anyone who follows football is probably laughing really hard at me right now.) Next subject.

5. In church I teach a class of freshmen and sophomores and surprisingly it is my favorite calling ever.

6. I have lived all over the country including Utah, Texas, Northern California, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada and now Southern California, and I am glad to be back west of the Mississippi. I do miss fireflies and Fall, but I have not used AC or a heater in my home since I moved here last April.

7. My life is starting to revolve around The Office. My favorite day used to be whatever day the weekend started. Not cuz I dont love what I do, mostly cuz I love doing other things more. Now my favorite day of the week is always Thursday, never an exception. And my favorite time is 9 pm Pacific. So that is me.

Okay,I now Tag Kim, Jason Swann, and Kory(who I don't know that well but she has one of the most entertaining blogs I have been on). I look forward to reading each of your 7.

love it love it love it

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Madisen I love you

Spotlight on a special Birthday Girl

My wonderful Little-big girl, Happy Birthday!
You are six years old!

Madisen Loves pink, mostly hot pink, but any hue will do.
She is very imaginative and creative. She spends hours of time creating cradles, swings, computers and everything other thing from paper for her dolls. She is having so much fun sounding out words and writing cards, notes and ideas on paper.

It is physically impossible for her to stand still, she must be jiggling, wiggling, waving. flaying or dancing of some sort. She is not the most coordinated person and we have lots of bumps, falls, and scraped knees.

Our six year old, knows everything, and will correct any one. You say "its the week end", "no, mom its Saturday". You say "that is a blue dress", Infacticly she responds "its not blue its aqua". She has an incredible mind and memory. But she is pretty stubborn. If she learned a couch is called a couch, then you do not call it a sofa. She memorizes all her books and songs, she sings along to all our Keane, Cold play, Dixie chicks, the new 1,2,3,4, song, and our new family favorite Benson lullaby (Rod Stewarts first cut is the deepest). When we started reading with her she would just read all her books from memory. So we had to get library books and not read them to her before we wanted her to read them to us.

She loves to be a good girl. It is devastating to her when emotional crisis occur or she makes bad choices. She almost tries to deny they are bad, because she does not want to be bad. As a toddler if I told her you are in time out, I could put her in the middle of all her toys tell her no playing and she wouldn't. She would cry and be all sad and wait for time out to end.

She loves guessing games, learning and knowing. She comes home and quizes me about fun interesting things she learned. Sometimes I just let her be smarter, and get all excited she taught me something cool.

Madisen's Interest
  • Pocahontas, but really all Indians. Since we lived by Williamsburg, and Jamestown's and Pocahontas state park. We read and studied these areas allot
  • Art, she loves to cut, assemble, build, make, but not with crayons. According to my kids the only thing you do with crayons are tear off the wrapper and break them.
  • Barbie's, Polly pockets and her American Girl doll's Jess and Kirsten.
  • She is a big fan of Lord of the rings, I have to research online information to satisfy her inquiries.
  • History, she loves to know how things worked, how boats developed from wood, to metal. The first phone was one way communication, then you went through the city operator, then they were in your home, then no operator to ring you through.
  • Musicals, newsies is her favorite, well maybe Anne is. Our family could put on Anne at any given time. my kids love it. Also Madisen is always putting on her own productions. If you listen she is always in dialog in some dramatic scene. (actually If any one can find Newsies let me know Id like to get it for her- I guess for Christmas now).

It is apparent by the many pictures posted here how beautiful she is I just wanted everyone to know how special she is.

Monday, November 5, 2007

How we spent our day of REST

It was actually pretty nice to wake up and see 7:20 on the clock. Only because I knew we hadn't set it back an hour yet. So we were all awake happy, and had no rush to get ready for church. this is very monumental in our family. Jeddy broke and unwrapped all our crayons during sacrament meeting. Benson actually took a great nap during church. Madisen payed attention to peoples testimonies (mostly about the service during the wild fires).

we came home and it took 2 hours but we got the kids asleep or entertained so we could nap. I should say it took Ben, I just went in and feel asleep. He had to deal with poopy diapers and bottles.

We slept allot longer then anticipated, and were late for our dinner engagement at my sister Britt's house. The food was not ready so it was fine. We ate a great meal. the cousins ran around and played. Us adults played a game. The McEvoy team was cursed with whack questions so we officially are not smarter then a fifth grader. Two of our questions no one playing could answer or had a clue. And 2 more we were half right. We needed more questions like what color mixed with blue makes green.

The game ended and we were rounding up the tykes when Jeddy started crying (this is not unusual the boys usually have many disagreements and physical altercation as they play). So I went back to convince one of the boys to share. I got there to find Jeddy's head covered in blood. I really wished it was extra Halloween make up the kids had gotten into, but no it was official blood from my boy.

I yelled for Ben and took Jeddy to the bathroom, we left a trail. At this point he starts to freak, b/c he sees the blood from the mirror. Also it is now covering his face and all in his eye. I try effortlessly to wash his face and keep pressure on the wound. But I did not know where it was yet. Ben comes and Britt and Dave supply me with rags. Ben locates the wound its maybe 3/4 inch, nice straight skinny clean cut. His hair was red, my clothes his clothes and the bathroom were covered. Luckily Jeddy for some reason only known to him had changed in to not one but 2 of Mikey's outfits when we arrived. So the blood stained clothes are Britt's So i don't have to worry about it. (wink, wink)

Dave the marine pulled out his combat first aid kit. If needed we could have packed his chest, placed a tourniquet, clotted an artery, and saved his life from scrap metal. But it was only a plastic toy plane (if you ask Mikey and a green flashlight if you ask Jeddy), so we just needed super glue and some duct tape.

I could go on for pages on the emotional drama, the back and forth of how to care for him, and the details of the crime scene. Not that a crime occurred. We finally laid him down clean, bandaged and happy at 11pm (yeah slightly after bedtime). From his actions and vitality today you wouldn't think he lost any blood or sleep last night.

It was our first blood experience. We have had 100's of scrapes and cuts. Up to this they have been kiss and put on a Spiderman band aid boo boo's. I guess our experience of parenting a Wild and crazy boy is coming to fruition. I have heard with Boys you should expect an ER visit every year. so many more of these I suspect are in our future.

Our restful relaxing day, ended as such. Yet we were able to sneak in some great excitement and lots and lots of blood.

Friday, November 2, 2007

More then meets the eye

I am not exactly sure how it all started. But I know this I am changed. One year for Christmas I received a toy car. It was a cute little yellow bug, named bumblebee.

Other Autobots were spread from child to child in our home year after year. But I loved my little bumblebee. My jet, triple-changer, and my little satellite from a happy meal have all safely made it to my brothers home, where they are currently under his care and on their way to a new fabulous life in Maryland.

I was so anticipating the transformers movie since the announcement years ago. And thrilled when they announced the voice of Optimus Prime would be none other then Peter Cullen, the voice from the cartoon series. I was devastated that I I couldn't see it until it's third week running. But I saw it. Ben took me out! I was giggling and crying and on the EDGE of my seat the whole time. One of my favorite parts is where Optimus prime transforms as he is speeding down the freeway to mission city. hello . .cool. Yet my heart belongs to bumblebee. No joke I seriously Cried when Bumblebee asked OP if he could stay with his human.

I realize this is probably not a normal obsession for a grown person, let alone, a female mother. Luckily for me my kids love it. So we go down the toy aisles now. I have trained them which ones to tell dad to get me for Christmas. We bought it and since have broken the family rule of one hour of TV MAX a day. oops!

friends and loved ones I hope you enjoy the Movie. I was not all that excited when Starbright, my little ponies and other child hood toys started to resurface. It made me feel old . ..outdated. But I relish and wade in the deep sea of transformers. I will end by using OP closing remarks.

With the Allspark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward, a new world to call home. We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret: waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there is more to them than meets the eye."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beware neighbors

My entire family spent Saturday at Disney (marketing) land. IT was so great to be together again. It was the first time in 4 years. Our first time together since Dad died. We laughed, peed our pants, waited in line and reminisced. There was one thing in particular that possibly I had forgotten but most likely have forced it from my recollection due to the flavor that my siblings reminded me of. We have not completely figured it out but I am followed, met and trailed by natural disasters.

In my childhood we traveled to foreign countries annually. They were usually warm, sunny, tropical places of serenity, relaxation and great snorkeling. Our first of these trips was to
Cancun Mexico. We booked our tickets and the forces of nature aligned and a hurricane hit Cancun a month before we arrived. Most of the FEMA tarps were gone in the places we toured and lived.

The next year was
England; we actually had mostly sunny days. We suspect it was unofficially a disaster, since most seemed unsure what to make of that big, bright orange thing in the sky for 2 weeks. And our family was held in containment for SEVERAL hours as “people of interest” i in a flea market robbery. Interestingly enough having souvenirs and new jackets put us in a separate bracket from all the other American tourist with souvenirs only???!?!!?!!?? Our family has healed and moved past this boring and confusing time as we were all questioned by the proper authorities.

Then we move into the
Caribbean phase of our family travels. I could properly relay this information with a meteorology account from the 1990's. Can anyone recall the most devastating hurricane of the United States Virgin Islands? That would be Marilyn. Yes as soon as my parent sealed the dates, we again set nature’s pendulum swinging. We planned a great Christmas on the Island of Kauai, between purchase and arrival the devastating hurricane Iniki visited. Luckily our condo had no damage. So we chopped a palm tree down, decorated it, put up the stockings and celebrated our first warm Christmas. Anyone remember Gilbert or Hugo? These are not relatives but hurricanes. And we vacationed in their aftermath.

We move to Virginia, 2 hurricanes(one neighbors home pictured to your right) and one earthquake later we move (the earthquake was only a 5 or so, very tiny, but we felt it. Ben does not think I can count it. He is just bragging since he has been in big time ones in the bay area growing up. He wont count them unless he sees cars driving off bridges.).

In our 3rd winter in Richmond, Virginia we had 4 terrible Ice storms- unusual for as far south as we were. However we have no complaints because church was canceled 3 times. So now that we are in San Diego County my siblings are suspicious of the wild fires.

My defense on the matter is . . . .hmmmph. Well I am taking any explanation you all can offer on the subject. I would like to think it is because we are there in the after math to help with the plummeting tourism. Yet that does not seem to resonate very well.

My friends and family When the McEvoy's call and start asking, "how is the weather in Iowa", "do you like the schools in Maryland". Protect yourselves from the trailing of natural disasters that accompany me.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Do you Urdu? I do!

this is for my brother।

I really do not Urdu but I couldn't pass up the chance to make my self look cooler then I am. Many of you know my brother is a Linguist for the Air Force (I might remind my readers it was the Air Force that saved us from Megatron). he basically learns languages so we never have too. I count 5, he doesn't think Korean still counts because he can only read, hear and write it and cant speak it or something along those lines. If I am at a Korean restaurant and He keeps me from sampling their specialty item, of Dog, or chicken hearts because he knows what blah, blah, blah means. I consider that a language you can cut a mark in your belt for.

Any way on to my point. as I delved into the online electronic world of blogging I found a way to write English and this program will translate it into Hindi script.
You say why does a crazy guy that speaks Urdu, Russian, English(somewhat), Spanish and Korean care about Hindi script. Well he really does and he will have to explain that to you.

So here it goes-
ट्रेवल साफे तो मेरीलैंड, इ विष यू ऎंड थे किड्स थे बेस्ट फॉर यौर फुतुरे।
यौर नेम इस क्रिस हट, यू मिघ्त वांट आईटी तो बे जैज़, बूट आईटी इस स्तिल्ल्च्रिस हट।

I will wait for further light and knowledge from my brother, to decipher my Hindi text.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Take it slow I'm new at this

I have decided to join the world of blogging.
With how much I check my email. I just need to invest my time into blogging.
I am currently typing as the TV blares no updated news about the fires that are circling around my house. My friends dog is hanging out with us. And earlier a neighborhood thief ran in my yard and jumped my fence to the wilderness behind our house. so we watched a gang of boys track him and drag him off to the cops.
Not only is today a new technological day as I blog, but its the first time we have been ordered to stay in our home as we are showered with ash. My first time to have a criminal run through my property and be 'brought to justice' in my back yard. First time babysitting a dog in our house while his family spends their evacuation at Disneyland. cant wait to see what tomorrow unfolds

Monday, September 17, 2007

7 Blister's Later

So in the crazy cool breeze of summer I had the strangest Idea.
I wanted to run more, get into races again and be in better health.
To support this notion I had an acquaintance I met once was training for the camp Pendleton half marathon.
So I decided then and there I could train and get ready in 2 month for 13.1 miles. My initial goal was to finish under 2 hours, my last half I finished in 1:43min. but 3 kids later I figured under 2 was good enough

Well that was the easy part . . .and the hard kept getting harder.
Many of yo know
I have a wonderful jogging stroller, and are thinking how great she throws the kids in and can go running.
HMMMPh, No! Shamefully I must admit I never used my great stroller to actually train. (it's mostly my great beach stroller and walk around with my Boys stroller)
To train with my stroller I would have to put 3 kids in a 2 seater and then therefore push 70 lbs up and down huge hills.
I am not that motivated. So that leaves me training when I have a sitter or husband.

So I usually run after the kids are in bed. I rarely sweat because of the cool crisp night air. I purposely dirt trails and the biggest hills around.
Well training didnt go so well, I was sick more then I wasnt. I have three kids and 4 people's schedules that over run my schedule.
So I went a handful of times, I worked up to 8 miles once and 3 6 to 6.5 mile runs. I would borrow friends dogs if it was going to be a real long or late run.

It was fun to be out and able to actually finish a complete thought. I then read more about the race and realized its BRUTAL. killer hot, steep grades, rocky terrain and my goal became just to finish before they closed the race.
So friday night I put my carbo loaded Motrin fed body to sleep at 9 pm.
Got up at 6 had some water bread, few strawberries and jammed to music as I curved trough rolling hills of Camp Pendleton.

I arrived got my power bar, new socks and insoles, hid my car key and set out for the race deck. I then realized as I was walking next to a perfectly toned, tanned fit, lady that I hadnt shaved in 2 weeks. I ment to save up and shave in the morning to help me glide through the air and run faster (it helps mentally at least).
As i got to registration and sign in I realized I was probably the only person there not in official running gear, armed with distance meter, gel energy packs, or an ipod. So I nestled in to the back of our 1020 mass start population. This is a marine base sponsored run so the vast majority of runners are active duty marines. I was a little if not completely out of place. So out of my element, unprepared, unshaven, and ready to be done I started my race. My hot, hot, uphill, rocky, hot, sweaty race

We climbed 1287 feet in the first 3 miles, and the average grade was 3. It was a long hard run, and I was pretty much done at mile 7 of 13.
Luckily mile marker 10 was blown down and I missed it. So when I got to mile 11 I was so relieved and picked up my pace. Luckily the last 2 miles were level or somewhat down hill. I kept looking for the balloon tunnel, the finish line, and it came not a foot to soon. I cooled down and tore my bloody shoes off, and wished i knew someone I could show my raw heels to.

So I did finish before the close of the race. I finished before 12 male active duty marines in my age bracket. How's that 1st lt Johnson ;-0. And I finished before all 65 to 70 year old male civilians and military, not sure that's so much to brag about . . .but there is not much more.

So I did it. I'll attach a link to the race results. Sorry dont have any pic's to send. Just picture me dripping w/ sweat, jk.
First is civilian result men then women, second is military men then women.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Solids, Tubes and Kindergarten

So today was an epic day for our family.

Madisen started Kindergarten!!!!!
She wasn't even scared. She knows a little boy in her class already. He is our neighbor and they have played.
She is really excited about their classroom computer, "Mom did you see the computer, it comes with a printer"
"Do you think they will restock the paper, there is only 2 sheets?" I assured her there would be plenty of paper, and all her fears were gone.

We curled her hair and she picked out her favorite outfit. She got to pick anything for breakfast; and she went with- cold cereal.
Mom and Dad and the boys dropped off Madisen to school. She played for a few minutes then lined up to go in. I am sure it will come as a big shock to everyone but I think she is the tallest in her class, and almost a foot taller then some of the girls.

Jeddy is potty trained, thank goodness. It was a breeze, It makes me love him so much more to think of how simple it was to progress from yucky diapers to spider man underwear. We spent our special time today at the park. Jeddy climbed to the top of the curly slide and then had me help him jump off. Tomorrow we are going to practice the jumping while spinning his webs. His blond hair is getting longer and blonder. To continue his ear saga he goes in for surgery on sept 11. It will be tricky because Ben will be out of town that day. Not only tubes but His amazing Doctor (I wish we met him 2 years ago) is going to remove his adenoids. We are keeping a close eye on several symptoms Jeddy has. If they worsen He will need his tonsils removed in the near future.

The best of all is our cute smiley Benson. He is 6 1/2 months and 17lbs. His best feature is his adoring smile that he willingly bestows on any onlooker.
No grandma in Carlsbad can resist giving him some love. After school as i was preparing food and filling the dishwasher he started grunting while sitting in his highchair and smiling at his siblings. Since moving him on solids he gets a bit backed up. I got his cereal made and was mixing his fresh pear sauce I came
to the table. I was confused because he had 'food' all over him. So as I was sitting the cereal on the table to get a wash clothe i realized it smelled so bad. Then I remembered the grunting. With all this coming together in nano seconds I took a closer look at the 'food' all over him. His legs were covered, between his toes, on his chin and cheeks(both sets mind you), All over his left arm, both hands, chest and back. Not to mention the large puddle he was sitting in and the other smaller ones on the chair and floor. Yes folks my son was covered in poop, pretty much head to toe.

So I did as any respectable Mom would do. I called Ben to see how soon he was coming home. After no reply I wiped his hands off and carried him in his high chair out front and sprayed everything and one off. Benson loved the hose water and being outside. The best part for me is that I just finished scrubbing his chair clean. Double rinse and sanitized w/ alcohol. strapped it on the chair and strapped in Bence for lunch. I should have waited to be so clean!

so its been an adventurous day for us. I'll attach pics for those that dont believe me and for those that cant get enough of my darling kids.

Love Kim

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quality versus quantity in family matters

This is taken from a email I sent all Ben and my Siblings. It was in my pre- blogging days, but I love it so I added it

Friends and family,

here is an update on my life . . .life with 3 kids.
So basically I see no difference in the quantity of kids you have that makes things harder or not.

my theory is the quality of your kids. let me explain.
I was in the shower a few weeks ago my 2 yr old Jeddy comes walking in w/ something in his hand.
"whats that Jeddy?" he replied but, I did not hear him . . . all i see is drips and yucky brown drool exiting his mouth (onto my carpet).
My wonderful son , needed a snack and instead of bothering me, he unselfishly got the hot chocolate powder down from the TOP SHELF in my pantry.
clean and dry now I followed a chocolate saliva trail from my bedroom to the kitchen.

once there I realized I hadnt cleaned up after breakfast. but jeddy had. Again thoughtfully he put the brown sugar "away" it was sprinkled across my entire kitchen.

these and so many more are the perfect example of what a quality child Jeddy is. To top it all off he is even potty training himself.
He just learned how to get his diapers off. So instead of now making me change his poopy diapers he does it himself. occasionally he will bring me the evidence or ask for some help. but all in all he seems to not need me any more to help change his poopy diapers. With all my spare time now that i am not changing his diapers I can de-poop our house and undo the laundry he has started by himself.

so siblings since I am the 1st to have 3. I just wanted you to know dont be nervous or scared to add another to your family. as you can see its not the quantity of kids its the quality of kids. And i have quality kids.....

I really have not noticed my life any more filthy chaotic or stressful!

Love Kim