Monday, December 3, 2007

Opinions on Mitt

I have read several articles, and watched a few debates. I do like Mitt, I am on his campaign committee or fan club . .something like that. I do have to say after watching this last you tube debate I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. Mitt seemed to answer too many times with basically "I cannot say exactly . . . I would have to get the highest qualified around me and we would discuss it and make the best decision". I do agree with that format of operation. However, after several boo's from the audience and Me almost being able to predict his answer . .. I think he has to come up with some better answers and resolutions.

Let me know what you think or don't think. Republicans, Democrats, Liberal, Conservative your all welcome to comment, my 3 loyal readers.

How likely is it the Mr. Romney will get the republican nomination???


Colleen said...

Hi again! We live in Utah county. Jim works at Franklin Covey in SLC as a graphic designer.

Yup, I went to Canyon View. Hated it! :) That neighborhood in Orem wasn't too friendly to newcomers. Thank goodness I had April!

To answer your question, I really like(d) Mitt too, but the debate made me a little less of a fan. My other gripe was the smug smile that never left his face. Ick. Anyway, I'm not leaving "Team Mitt" just yet (I mean, check out the competition) but I hope he pulls out something fantastic in his little LDS speech this week or he's going to start dropping in the polls.

And how likely is he to get the nomination? It's hard to say at this point, but I'd say not terribly likely.

April, Rob, and Baby James said...

Nominee-- probably not -- but that would make me sad. I do like Mitt Romney though. I like him not just because he is Mormon but he seems to make sense. I didn't watch that last debate but I could just picture it...

He may not be the most qualified but his ability as a good decision maker is so important.

Please no Hillary!!! Maybe Obahma.

I do want to watch Mitt in Texas when he talks about religion influencing his presidential campaign.

Maybe I like Mitt because our friends in Boston needed a car- theirs broke down in NYC and so Mitts son who lives in NYC connected them to their Dad in Boston. They borrowed Mitts truck and were able to get back home to MA. Later on Mitt took him(Mike) to Preisthood Session and had them over for dinner!! So Low Key and So nice! I guess anyone of us would probably do that but he is running for President... and now I feel CONNECTED to him...Am I weird or what??

Salt H2O said...

I like Mitt because of two words "Fiscal Responsibilty" I think he's the only candidate that can pull us out of this economic down fall.

He's got an increadible history of money management which is the number one reason I'm voting for him.

I don't care about debates, I care about history, what has a candidate actually accomplished.

If the American people cared more about achievements and less about rhetoric- Hillary wouldn't have a chance.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

It is too bad so many American lack your logic. Really if people stopped being fed with garbage news (I like to refer to it as news-opera, it seems they make mtns. out of mole hills, and yet real news that does not have sex scandal and bells and whistles gets left out- sorry tangent)

I like your take- history not debates. I totally agree. I would suck at a debate, but hat doesnt mean I'd suck at the job (not talking about the presidency here)

April- I like what you said about maybe not the most qualified but has the ability to make good decisions. Just because he didnt serve 12 terms does not disqualify him from any service. I think its great that he has not spent 20 years in congress, maybe he is that much more honest and real.

Colleen I have to agree, I think its unlikely for the nomination yet, I cant think of a 2nd place.
I do like Edwards----really just because he is from Virginia, and I really miss Virginia. I think ben and I would move to Jamaica if hillary won, possibly the virgin Islands.

thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I typed up a huge comment and then I was forced to register as a blogger and it was lost and now I don't have time. So quickly I don't think MItt will be nominated, he doesn't answer questions well especially about his religion and this country would never elect a mormon.

Lizza said...

I unfortunately don't think he has a chance of winning at all. Which is sad, because I really like his trademark ability to pull companies, organizations, etc. out of their behinds and make something of them. I agree completely with Kory. His track record is great and I'd like to travel Europe within the next few years without paying $14 for bread and cheese.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

Britt sorry about the craziness I didnt realize I had my setting to that. I switched and it open to anyone . .. not that it helps you out now.

and Lizza I think your right, you and britt as pessimistic as it might sound, I think it is reality.
I hope not. . .I really hope not.
I am excited to see his talk on religion tonight.

Salt H2O said...

Brent and I have SERIOUSLY discussed moving to Singapore if Hillary gets elected. Not in that joking fashion either. Singapore- consider it.