Monday, December 10, 2007

SPIDERMAN (turns) 3

It was an epic day. Madisen received more sleep last night then the rest of the family combined. Jeddy was suffering from some unknown ailment that made him yell at the top of his lungs until he woke his parents and baby brother up. Needless to say we started his birthday off on less then the right foot.

Once awake he was subtly reminded it was his birthday. . . .that started the race to kitchen. To his blissful glee he found a Spiderman scooter, and a t-ball set. He then asked why he did not receive the batman scooter ALSO.

he skipped breakfast and once dressed, immediately did a wardrobe change into something more comfortable . . .batman. Another crying fit came and ended with him falling asleep in full costume on our bed at 9:30. We somehow survived a trial run of his scooter at the park, visiting daddy for a office birthday song, lunch, and grocery shopping.

Spiderman was helpful enough to make his own cake (with some assistance from mom). we had to do something to occupy the time it took to cook and cool . . .so we watched Transformers. We then sat ourselves down to eat a gourmet birthday meal of choice by Jeddy, Mac N'Cheese. Against his wishes I made a veggie, and some edible food for the taller members of the family. Once enough dinner was heartily consumed we settled in to a t-ball game. that was rudely interrupted by the runs, I'm not talking RBI's either. Jeddy in tears and (yes you got it, but i wont type it) was rushed to the shower. We recovered from that and ended the white sox, verses red sox game. In lo of his stomach tender state we opted out of cake and will postpone that for a healthier day. Of all days to be up all night with cramps and ear ache, and an bad attack of diarrhea it had to be Spiderman's 3rd birthday.

Hopefully his Batman training camp (his party) on Saturday will make up for today's sourness.

A few things about Jeddy:
  • No fridge, dresser is to tall to climb, no stair is to high to jump.
  • princess dress ups aren't just for girls (sorry Ben)
  • I can never have to many Spiderman paraphernalia around.
  • The rules No throwing, kicking, hitting balls in the house are only rules mommy follows.
  • why walk when you could run, or "go fast".
  • He never let's his mom dress him, she does not meet his minimum style requirement.
  • he loves to dance, he is so good at shaking his hips and has the cutest two step rock. He loves to sing Newsies and Annie. He knows 'Its a hard knock life" by heart.
  • he buckles himself in the car, is potty trained, knows his ABC's and the BYU Cougar fight song.
  • as you can tell from the picture he's got perfect baseball form.
  • Has serious issues with wearing the wrong shoes for what he is wearing.
  • He always packs his backpack full of 3 or 4 toy bins, and we go from store to store running errands with a backpack that he lovingly lugs that is heavier then him.
  • Is quick to say sorry, but quicker to be rough and tumble or jab your eye.
  • Has the cutest bum in underwear, he will proudly display it for you too.
Jeddy Happy Birthday, you're a big 3. We are glad your in our family


Salt H2O said...

This is the second unpleasant kid (not that Jeddy is an unpleasant kid, but the ruins are unpleasant) story I've heard today. i'm starting to re-think this whole pregnant thing.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

these things happen, and pretty much on a regular basis. diapers, then potty training, then accident and diarrhea, and today Our sharp looking boy with belt that matches his shoes . .he couldnt get his belt undone. so he was all sad and had a accident right there at the toilet.

but somehow the smiles and hugs make the poop all worth it.

April, Rob, and Baby James said...

What a big boy! I remember him as a babe! Rocking him in the DC Visitors Center! I can't believe he is 3. He has grown up so fast to me. I cant imagine James being so grown-up. Congrats on being a good mom and dad- your kids are so cute. I cant wait till we have a full lot ourselves. Happy Birthday Jeddy! Love and Miss you guys.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

April, you ate Jeddy's Godmother, you were his first babysitter. that;s when you know you have a true friend when she is single and can talk her boyfriend into watching your kid and newborn for 2 hours while the tired parents catch a session together at the temple.

thanks ape

April, Rob, and Baby James said...

No problem! and Godmother.. I am honored:)