Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Close.......yet so Far away

Well, the title and picture say alot. Bryan Pack, Jason Swann, Jeremy Swann, Brian Kechter, Carmy Mausten, David Allum-Poon, and I enjoyed watching our old team getting creamed by the best team in the state. I had to say I have never been so proud to be on the losing end of a game that was over by the first play of the 2nd quarter. NCS runners up. Very impressive.

Probably the best moment of the night for me was to be at Nations after the game til 1 am with the boys, eating a fat and juicy burger, some chocolate cream pie, and talking about the good old days. Spread across the country, we made the trek to be together. I only wish Josh could have been there with us, that would have completed the Mormon bro's from SR2 on the squad. Memories were alive, and made real by the old after game hangout "spot".

As we were getting ready to leave, Jeremy asked the group of players(it felt like looking at ourselves 13 years ago) sitting somewhat dejectedly at the table next to us how it was to play against De la Salle. The Spalliero brothers were there(only know that cuz they are twins). Not sure who else but someone said "They're fast. Real fast. We had no idea they were that fast". The greatest thing was we felt like we were them. I felt connected to those guys. Kind of like they were my kid brothers who knew I was proud of them.(I feel really gay and sort of like BJ in writing this right now, but I will continue. It sort of makes me wonder if he was there. I know he would have been.) As we got up, I turned to the players and said, "Hey guys, very nicely done this year." I dont know if they felt how big of a deal it was to me and the guys I was with, but I have a feeling they did. Their appreciation for mine told me they understood. Honestly, if you read this post (for our 2 blog regulars)and you played high school football, you should be crying right now. It was that touching of a moment. If you didn't you are probably thinking I am a total nerd, which I definitely am, but you might also be wishing you were a nerd like me. It was a great moment and a great weekend.

I am probably being so reflective here because I got to hang with some of my favorite high school buds(been 13 years for some), and had just a fantastic time. But also, because I got to stay and visit with the Chestnuts, and visit BJ's resting spot overlooking the Lafayette valley. Great view he's got. Love ya dogg. Miss ya buddy.


~home bodies~ said...

great post dude. it made me cry.

habecker havoc said...

That was a nice post. I had alot of the same thoughts sitting in front of BJ's dad. I'm glad you had a great weekend. It was great to see everyone! Hopefully Cal can make it a tradition!

Kimberly McEvoy said...

yeah, I cracked up at Bill's comment during the game about how maybe the halftime show will be good. that was vintage Chestnut right there.

Jason said...

I'll never forget the buildup leading to that first play and then having the air let outta my balloon when the first play went, "Sweep! Sweep! Hail Mary! .......interception."

One of the best times I've had in a LONG while. Loved hangin' with the boyz. You guys always had my back, but for real. Sign me up for Cal vs. De La Salle, 2021.

Jeremy Swann said...

Ben - a dentist AND a writer!! Fantastic! If only there was an alumni football game, we'd get creamed by our "kid" brothers. Those Cal guys were huge (makes you wonder how much bigger Dela was....See you in 4 months :) Hopefully