Friday, October 26, 2007

Do you Urdu? I do!

this is for my brother।

I really do not Urdu but I couldn't pass up the chance to make my self look cooler then I am. Many of you know my brother is a Linguist for the Air Force (I might remind my readers it was the Air Force that saved us from Megatron). he basically learns languages so we never have too. I count 5, he doesn't think Korean still counts because he can only read, hear and write it and cant speak it or something along those lines. If I am at a Korean restaurant and He keeps me from sampling their specialty item, of Dog, or chicken hearts because he knows what blah, blah, blah means. I consider that a language you can cut a mark in your belt for.

Any way on to my point. as I delved into the online electronic world of blogging I found a way to write English and this program will translate it into Hindi script.
You say why does a crazy guy that speaks Urdu, Russian, English(somewhat), Spanish and Korean care about Hindi script. Well he really does and he will have to explain that to you.

So here it goes-
ट्रेवल साफे तो मेरीलैंड, इ विष यू ऎंड थे किड्स थे बेस्ट फॉर यौर फुतुरे।
यौर नेम इस क्रिस हट, यू मिघ्त वांट आईटी तो बे जैज़, बूट आईटी इस स्तिल्ल्च्रिस हट।

I will wait for further light and knowledge from my brother, to decipher my Hindi text.

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