Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beware neighbors

My entire family spent Saturday at Disney (marketing) land. IT was so great to be together again. It was the first time in 4 years. Our first time together since Dad died. We laughed, peed our pants, waited in line and reminisced. There was one thing in particular that possibly I had forgotten but most likely have forced it from my recollection due to the flavor that my siblings reminded me of. We have not completely figured it out but I am followed, met and trailed by natural disasters.

In my childhood we traveled to foreign countries annually. They were usually warm, sunny, tropical places of serenity, relaxation and great snorkeling. Our first of these trips was to
Cancun Mexico. We booked our tickets and the forces of nature aligned and a hurricane hit Cancun a month before we arrived. Most of the FEMA tarps were gone in the places we toured and lived.

The next year was
England; we actually had mostly sunny days. We suspect it was unofficially a disaster, since most seemed unsure what to make of that big, bright orange thing in the sky for 2 weeks. And our family was held in containment for SEVERAL hours as “people of interest” i in a flea market robbery. Interestingly enough having souvenirs and new jackets put us in a separate bracket from all the other American tourist with souvenirs only???!?!!?!!?? Our family has healed and moved past this boring and confusing time as we were all questioned by the proper authorities.

Then we move into the
Caribbean phase of our family travels. I could properly relay this information with a meteorology account from the 1990's. Can anyone recall the most devastating hurricane of the United States Virgin Islands? That would be Marilyn. Yes as soon as my parent sealed the dates, we again set nature’s pendulum swinging. We planned a great Christmas on the Island of Kauai, between purchase and arrival the devastating hurricane Iniki visited. Luckily our condo had no damage. So we chopped a palm tree down, decorated it, put up the stockings and celebrated our first warm Christmas. Anyone remember Gilbert or Hugo? These are not relatives but hurricanes. And we vacationed in their aftermath.

We move to Virginia, 2 hurricanes(one neighbors home pictured to your right) and one earthquake later we move (the earthquake was only a 5 or so, very tiny, but we felt it. Ben does not think I can count it. He is just bragging since he has been in big time ones in the bay area growing up. He wont count them unless he sees cars driving off bridges.).

In our 3rd winter in Richmond, Virginia we had 4 terrible Ice storms- unusual for as far south as we were. However we have no complaints because church was canceled 3 times. So now that we are in San Diego County my siblings are suspicious of the wild fires.

My defense on the matter is . . . .hmmmph. Well I am taking any explanation you all can offer on the subject. I would like to think it is because we are there in the after math to help with the plummeting tourism. Yet that does not seem to resonate very well.

My friends and family When the McEvoy's call and start asking, "how is the weather in Iowa", "do you like the schools in Maryland". Protect yourselves from the trailing of natural disasters that accompany me.

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