Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Madisen I love you

Spotlight on a special Birthday Girl

My wonderful Little-big girl, Happy Birthday!
You are six years old!

Madisen Loves pink, mostly hot pink, but any hue will do.
She is very imaginative and creative. She spends hours of time creating cradles, swings, computers and everything other thing from paper for her dolls. She is having so much fun sounding out words and writing cards, notes and ideas on paper.

It is physically impossible for her to stand still, she must be jiggling, wiggling, waving. flaying or dancing of some sort. She is not the most coordinated person and we have lots of bumps, falls, and scraped knees.

Our six year old, knows everything, and will correct any one. You say "its the week end", "no, mom its Saturday". You say "that is a blue dress", Infacticly she responds "its not blue its aqua". She has an incredible mind and memory. But she is pretty stubborn. If she learned a couch is called a couch, then you do not call it a sofa. She memorizes all her books and songs, she sings along to all our Keane, Cold play, Dixie chicks, the new 1,2,3,4, song, and our new family favorite Benson lullaby (Rod Stewarts first cut is the deepest). When we started reading with her she would just read all her books from memory. So we had to get library books and not read them to her before we wanted her to read them to us.

She loves to be a good girl. It is devastating to her when emotional crisis occur or she makes bad choices. She almost tries to deny they are bad, because she does not want to be bad. As a toddler if I told her you are in time out, I could put her in the middle of all her toys tell her no playing and she wouldn't. She would cry and be all sad and wait for time out to end.

She loves guessing games, learning and knowing. She comes home and quizes me about fun interesting things she learned. Sometimes I just let her be smarter, and get all excited she taught me something cool.

Madisen's Interest
  • Pocahontas, but really all Indians. Since we lived by Williamsburg, and Jamestown's and Pocahontas state park. We read and studied these areas allot
  • Art, she loves to cut, assemble, build, make, but not with crayons. According to my kids the only thing you do with crayons are tear off the wrapper and break them.
  • Barbie's, Polly pockets and her American Girl doll's Jess and Kirsten.
  • She is a big fan of Lord of the rings, I have to research online information to satisfy her inquiries.
  • History, she loves to know how things worked, how boats developed from wood, to metal. The first phone was one way communication, then you went through the city operator, then they were in your home, then no operator to ring you through.
  • Musicals, newsies is her favorite, well maybe Anne is. Our family could put on Anne at any given time. my kids love it. Also Madisen is always putting on her own productions. If you listen she is always in dialog in some dramatic scene. (actually If any one can find Newsies let me know Id like to get it for her- I guess for Christmas now).

It is apparent by the many pictures posted here how beautiful she is I just wanted everyone to know how special she is.


~home bodies~ said...

happy birthday madisen! we can't wait to see you at disneyland! love, chance, mady, andy and isaac

Salt H2O said...

Of course she's beautiful. she looks just like you!