Monday, November 5, 2007

How we spent our day of REST

It was actually pretty nice to wake up and see 7:20 on the clock. Only because I knew we hadn't set it back an hour yet. So we were all awake happy, and had no rush to get ready for church. this is very monumental in our family. Jeddy broke and unwrapped all our crayons during sacrament meeting. Benson actually took a great nap during church. Madisen payed attention to peoples testimonies (mostly about the service during the wild fires).

we came home and it took 2 hours but we got the kids asleep or entertained so we could nap. I should say it took Ben, I just went in and feel asleep. He had to deal with poopy diapers and bottles.

We slept allot longer then anticipated, and were late for our dinner engagement at my sister Britt's house. The food was not ready so it was fine. We ate a great meal. the cousins ran around and played. Us adults played a game. The McEvoy team was cursed with whack questions so we officially are not smarter then a fifth grader. Two of our questions no one playing could answer or had a clue. And 2 more we were half right. We needed more questions like what color mixed with blue makes green.

The game ended and we were rounding up the tykes when Jeddy started crying (this is not unusual the boys usually have many disagreements and physical altercation as they play). So I went back to convince one of the boys to share. I got there to find Jeddy's head covered in blood. I really wished it was extra Halloween make up the kids had gotten into, but no it was official blood from my boy.

I yelled for Ben and took Jeddy to the bathroom, we left a trail. At this point he starts to freak, b/c he sees the blood from the mirror. Also it is now covering his face and all in his eye. I try effortlessly to wash his face and keep pressure on the wound. But I did not know where it was yet. Ben comes and Britt and Dave supply me with rags. Ben locates the wound its maybe 3/4 inch, nice straight skinny clean cut. His hair was red, my clothes his clothes and the bathroom were covered. Luckily Jeddy for some reason only known to him had changed in to not one but 2 of Mikey's outfits when we arrived. So the blood stained clothes are Britt's So i don't have to worry about it. (wink, wink)

Dave the marine pulled out his combat first aid kit. If needed we could have packed his chest, placed a tourniquet, clotted an artery, and saved his life from scrap metal. But it was only a plastic toy plane (if you ask Mikey and a green flashlight if you ask Jeddy), so we just needed super glue and some duct tape.

I could go on for pages on the emotional drama, the back and forth of how to care for him, and the details of the crime scene. Not that a crime occurred. We finally laid him down clean, bandaged and happy at 11pm (yeah slightly after bedtime). From his actions and vitality today you wouldn't think he lost any blood or sleep last night.

It was our first blood experience. We have had 100's of scrapes and cuts. Up to this they have been kiss and put on a Spiderman band aid boo boo's. I guess our experience of parenting a Wild and crazy boy is coming to fruition. I have heard with Boys you should expect an ER visit every year. so many more of these I suspect are in our future.

Our restful relaxing day, ended as such. Yet we were able to sneak in some great excitement and lots and lots of blood.

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Salt H2O said...

I still hope I have all boys! Blood is way better than dealing with emotions and make up!