Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kim's Turn

I guess it was bound to happen, I was tagged. and since my husband only knows 4 people that blog, me two of his friends and one of mine; I knew I wasnt going to get untouched.

so here it goes 7 things about me
1. I really enjoy cooking, I mostly enjoy having people over and enjoying good food together. I go to restaurants like bi-yearly. So if there is a dish I love, I just have to learn how to make it my self. for example, yummy chimmi's, avocado egg rolls via cheesecake factory (of course with the 27 ingredient dipping sauce) cafe rio burritos, my next assignment Tuscan Chicken Marsala.

2. I did an internship for my major at the State of Utah Department of Child and Family Services. I investigated sexual abuse against minors in Orem and Provo area. I learned many wonderful things. Dont let cousins sleep over together, not every mother loves her children, In many cases the state is too careful in ripping the poor starved abused, drugged child from its parents arms. I investigated a case that happened to be one of my best friends next door neighbors. Phew I am soooo glad it was only an internship and that I stay home, with my kids.

3. I really, really love Matt Nathanson. I was introduced by a friend of his in college, and have wandered the country since seeing him on each coast and states in between. Here is his web page. http://www.mattnathanson.com/ I have to say even if you do not like his music you still would LOVE his concerts. He is HILARIOUS. covers, spears, prince, Bon Jovi. really a fun time. Lots of F-bombs. so see him in Utah if you can, he caters to the sensitive ears.

His official VH1 video from his latest hit car crash

Hope you enjoy!

4. I have always dreamed and yearned to be a good singer. I am jealous and grateful of the beauty and power song can have. In heaven I will be able to sing at a fireside, or funeral and be able to bring the spirit in the room. Until then I will rely on my charm and wit.

5. Order is very relaxing to me, my order. I sort, clean, and arrange my cupboards, drawers and closets on a continuous basis. When I am stressed I will go in the kids room, dumb all the bins, tubs and drawers and place every polly pockets thing in the polly pocket drawer, all animals in the animal bin, pj's in pj's no gender mixing, and all tops must be hung up!!!!. I love to open my pantry and see rows of artichoke hearts, in the veggie section, and my tomato section goes from sizes of cans small to large. I really enjoy organizing and sorting. If you ever need someone to throw away, and go through thing I am your girl! But I rarely mop my kitchen floor . .oops.

6. I won first place in poetry for several years in elementary. I stopped entering in jr high, but kept writing until kids. I still have all my notebooks full of poems. I really enjoy putting taste and flavor to words. That said I can not spell at all.

7. I love the look in my kids eye's when they know they are doing something bad and I walk in the room. Hopefully I will always know when they are up to something. I was never a baby person, but I love my babies. Kids are wonderful

so now I tag Lizza, April, Christa, Loree (Kory your off the hook)


Salt H2O said...

Wow- that internship sounds intense. I don't know how you handled it. I admire anyone that is emotionally stable enough to stand such environments.

Matt Nathanson! The last concert of his I went to was with you- in Provo like 10 years ago. Crazy. He is so much fun to see.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

I went home and watched the 2002 Olympics every night! then March madness. and then I graduated . .phew!

Colleen said...

Hi! Hate to sound trite, but small world! How do you know April? We've known each other since I was in 8th grade and she was in 7th. We lived in the same neighborhood for a year and kept in touch. Your kids are cuties too!

April, Rob, and Baby James said...

Kimmie- I have known collen for a long time- she used to live in the house my parents live in now!! She met Jim at BYU and the rest is history- that is how I know Jim. Colleen has been fabulous at staying in touch. They are so fun. That is so cool you know them-- well we should all get together when you come out!!

Colleen I have known Kim forever- she lived across 8th north. Maybe you met and dont remember. I love her family and her Dad has been a great influence in teaching me any sarcasm and wit that I exude(sp?) Now she lives in Cali and we are all so happy for their seriously adorable, tan, surfing, blond haired family

Lizza said...

I didn't know you love singing so much. Good to know. April and I LOVE to organize and keep things clean. It feels really good.

Salt H2O said...

I just heard car crash on the radio and thought of you. I'm so happy for Matt, he's put so much work into his career and to FINALLY be mainstream, oh and his soundtrack was on my guilty pleasure gossip girl too.