Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Solids, Tubes and Kindergarten

So today was an epic day for our family.

Madisen started Kindergarten!!!!!
She wasn't even scared. She knows a little boy in her class already. He is our neighbor and they have played.
She is really excited about their classroom computer, "Mom did you see the computer, it comes with a printer"
"Do you think they will restock the paper, there is only 2 sheets?" I assured her there would be plenty of paper, and all her fears were gone.

We curled her hair and she picked out her favorite outfit. She got to pick anything for breakfast; and she went with- cold cereal.
Mom and Dad and the boys dropped off Madisen to school. She played for a few minutes then lined up to go in. I am sure it will come as a big shock to everyone but I think she is the tallest in her class, and almost a foot taller then some of the girls.

Jeddy is potty trained, thank goodness. It was a breeze, It makes me love him so much more to think of how simple it was to progress from yucky diapers to spider man underwear. We spent our special time today at the park. Jeddy climbed to the top of the curly slide and then had me help him jump off. Tomorrow we are going to practice the jumping while spinning his webs. His blond hair is getting longer and blonder. To continue his ear saga he goes in for surgery on sept 11. It will be tricky because Ben will be out of town that day. Not only tubes but His amazing Doctor (I wish we met him 2 years ago) is going to remove his adenoids. We are keeping a close eye on several symptoms Jeddy has. If they worsen He will need his tonsils removed in the near future.

The best of all is our cute smiley Benson. He is 6 1/2 months and 17lbs. His best feature is his adoring smile that he willingly bestows on any onlooker.
No grandma in Carlsbad can resist giving him some love. After school as i was preparing food and filling the dishwasher he started grunting while sitting in his highchair and smiling at his siblings. Since moving him on solids he gets a bit backed up. I got his cereal made and was mixing his fresh pear sauce I came
to the table. I was confused because he had 'food' all over him. So as I was sitting the cereal on the table to get a wash clothe i realized it smelled so bad. Then I remembered the grunting. With all this coming together in nano seconds I took a closer look at the 'food' all over him. His legs were covered, between his toes, on his chin and cheeks(both sets mind you), All over his left arm, both hands, chest and back. Not to mention the large puddle he was sitting in and the other smaller ones on the chair and floor. Yes folks my son was covered in poop, pretty much head to toe.

So I did as any respectable Mom would do. I called Ben to see how soon he was coming home. After no reply I wiped his hands off and carried him in his high chair out front and sprayed everything and one off. Benson loved the hose water and being outside. The best part for me is that I just finished scrubbing his chair clean. Double rinse and sanitized w/ alcohol. strapped it on the chair and strapped in Bence for lunch. I should have waited to be so clean!

so its been an adventurous day for us. I'll attach pics for those that dont believe me and for those that cant get enough of my darling kids.

Love Kim

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your little boy is so cute!!

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