Friday, February 8, 2008

It has been a whole year!

Jeddy sharing his favorite costume with Bence. Bence isnt so sure J is being nice or not.

It is our little Bence's Birthday. Or actually it is the first anniversary of his birth (As my Dad would say). We are so glad to have him in our family. I always try to enjoy the stages my kids are in because time
passes so quickly. But with Bence I can't wait for him
to grow up bigger then Jeddy and be able to defend himself. He has bumps, bruised, bite marks, finger pokes scratches and the best disappointed look anyone could give a big brother. The most frustrating part about this is Jeddy does most of it out of love for his wonderful playmate. Benson is learning patience and endurance that is for sure.

Things Benson loves- Madisen's hair things and make-up, getting into cabinets, "sorting" mom's Tupperware, walking, playing on the stairs, peek-a-boo, 5 little piggies, books, being in charge of turning the pages during reading, applesauce, cheerios, warm bottles, baths with siblings . . . never alone, toothbrushes and brushing his 10 teeth.

He is a very good helper, he has an internal beacon and when the dishwasher is opened he come bolting in to help you unload . . .he never loads, just unloads. He is tall enough now to help unorganized drawers, his theory is everything is better when its on the floor. He loves to be with people. when Ben comes home from work Benson will keep his eye on him and start crying If he is not acknowledged fast enough. he needs his daddy's love, and quickly.Things he doesn't like- green beans, things taken from his hands, being put in his high chair, being dressed or undressed, diaper changes, waking up in the dark, and missing naps.

A very cute thing Benson is doing now is when he gets hurt and you pick him up and give him comfort and a hug, he pats you on the back. He is so cute. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we have.

Our little Cougar fan Cheering the cougars against the UCLA bruins with Uncle Josh

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brittdave said...

What a handsome guy. Happy Birthday!