Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ying yang

What is the scripture(s) i am looking for . . .for every bad there is a something good. For with all good comes bad also. etc, something like that. I was really sick last weekend, sore throat, aches, congested, tired and yeah sick. However the sweetest blessing occurred.

So I lay in bed trying to mend. All I really want is a long restful nap. Instead my sweet daughter comes to check on me every 5 to 10 minutes. She patted my head, colored and cut a heart, wrote a get well card, made me herbal tea, got daddy to get me more medicine, brought me water, gave me a kiss, made sure I was drinking my tea, asked if I was asleep yet, brought more Kleenex's and took my dishes to the kitchen. At about the 4th interruption I almost got mad at her. Then I realized something, she loves me. My sweet somewhat of a recluse 6 year old, is painstakingly doing everything in her imagination and power to help me.

I am so glad I stopped my self from getting frustrated with the interuptions and was able to see how wonderful she is. The lord gave me what I really wanted it was just disguised in the altruistic actions of my daughter.

Along the same lines of bad things turning out to be blessings, and the concept of opposition in all things lets talk about pregnancy. I was reading medical news and found some great information.
It was an article about how pregnant women shouldn't consume caffeine, some studies link it to a 50% higher miscarriage rate. Is caffeine in the word of wisdom?-- that's another blog. That isn't relevant to me but the article stated the following which is very applicable to me.

"Women who have morning sickness are less likely to miscarry than those who do not, possibly because the same hormonal changes that cause nausea and vomiting contribute to a healthy pregnancy. But some researchers said morning sickness could lead to confusing results in caffeine studies. These researchers argued that because they feel ill, some women may consume less caffeine. That tendency may make it appear that they are less likely to miscarry because they avoid caffeine, when the reason is actually that they began with healthier pregnancies."

I am living proof that the article and scripture's are true. I was sicker then a dog for 9 months, 8 months and then only 7 with Benson. I will concede this is not a sound statistical or untried argument. Yet they are all here, and I was very healthy minus loosing weight during pregnancy. Granted I am not pregnant now yet I'd rather be sick and have that little extra security that it is a healthier pregnancy then not. If I ever get pregnant again and I am sick please don't remind me I said this.

I could research the scriptures for my self but I thought this is a great opportunity to test the religious levels of my blog community (5 strong and growing). I would like to hear your experiences with opposition in all things and finding the blessings among hardships. I look forward to your comments.


Jason said...

Thanks for the comment on Livie's house. As for your entry here, Mandy was sick at some point through her pregnancy and Livie is one healthy 'lil gal. She stayed on a pretty decent diet and follow "Do Not's" list pretty good.
I'm glad to hear the Jedster is doing well. Now he can hear you spell words like c-u-p-c-a-k-e-s and the like.
I'm trying to win 2-day parkhopper tickets off the radio this week, so with any luck, we'll se you soon.

Della Hill said...

Hi, It's Della from VA Beach here.
On living through opposition, I can remember 2 specific times in my life that were so bad that I remember praying and asking God why I had to go through what I was going through.
One was when we were completely broke, another was when a job that I had loved turned into a nightmare beyond explanation.
Both times when I prayed I felt peace in my heart that what I was dealing with was for a reason and that I was learning something there.
Now that I am doing (a little) better financially I appreciate every time that I go to the store and am able to buy what I need without having to put back what I don't need as much.
Every time I pay a bill I am grateful that I have money in the bank to do it.
This month I am going to pay off one of my cars and I can't tell you how good that feels.
I also am smarter about money than I have been in the past. My point about this is that being broke helped me value not being broke.
And when my job went bad I moved to Virginia to a better job. I had been very loyal to my old employer and would not have left if things had not gotten as bad as they did. But it is very clear to me now that I am supposed to be here.
Wonderful things have happened to me and my family since I moved here. So it is clear to me that that bad time pushed me into a better situation.
I also haven't taken the benefits of my workplace for granted since then.
In a sunday school lesson a couple of weeks ago someone commented that while we learn to appreciate bounty from experiencing famine, we will know we are growing when we don't have to have famine to appreciate our bounty.
I hope I'm getting there.