Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Second try, Hope this works

Jeddy had surgery this morning at Children's Day hospital in San Diego. Ben and I were very anxious about the procedure this time around. He had tubes placed at 9 months, and we were more relaxed. Ben gave him a blessing and took the morning off this morning to come to the hospital with us.

We absolutely Love Jeddy's pediatric ENT Dr. Ochi. He is so great, takes his time to really understand the patient and the problems. We have been waiting since sept (when originally scheduled) to see if he needed his tonsils removed. At our pre-op apt. last week he ruled that out. I am glad his tonsils looked great and we do not have to hassle with 10 days of Jeddy recovering from intense surgery in bed.

This morning Dr. Ochi preformed Bilateral Myringot Tubes w/Adenoidectomy. He found that both middle ears had fluid built up, pre surgery we thought just his right ear was full. We are relived to have added the adenoidectomy because the Dr found they were enlarged to several times the proper size. thus obstructing his throat, airways, causing difficulty in breathing, eating, and etc.

he was a good boy, very brave and worked well with the Dr's and nurses. Above is a picture of him in recovery, downing Popsicles and Gatorade. Our prayers and hopes are that in a few days he will have recovered from surgery and be able to hear, breathe and function like the little rambunctious boy he is. Jeddy's hearing has been like he is underwater, very muffled and non distinct. He has no permanent hearing loss or damage, . ..and should hear like superman in a few days. I think all will be well considering we have been home for 20 minutes, it only took Jeddy 5 minutes in to superman returns to get in costume and perform along with the movie . . .hopefully he doesn't try flying again.

Just thought I would let you know, everything went well, and he is back to fighting off the bad guys.


Anonymous said...

Very happy Jeddy is doing well. Mikey is excited to play with him, when he is up to it.

Anonymous said...

way to have your throat slit jeddy! Enjoy the Popsicles!

Grandma said...

Jeddy Hope you are feeling great. I have been very worried about you and the toll you take on your wonderful Mother. Love Grandma