Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Organic! Go ahead and eat up!!!

We Joined the Pendleton Johnson Clan on a Strawberry picking adventure.
We did not realize it would turn into a thieving binge for the youngest of our group.

here are some great pics of the big girls. They filled their own bucket.

Now all the incriminating photo's. Benson and Katherine soon learned it was faster to eat them now, rather waiting for them to be cleaned or even purchased. They both figured out that there is no need to even take them off the plant. Us adults were greatly outnumbered. between keeping the girls within shouting distance, the boys focused on red strawberries and not green ones the little tykes got away with many, many stolen goods. Benson had a special ladybug toy in his left hand so Katherine out stole him.

Look at these yummy Carlsbad grown strawberries. Once at home we washed off the dirt, compost and other nature spices. I offered a few to Bence . .he had had enough. Hopefully he and Katherine do not get sick. We enjoyed our share of them alone for snacks, on French toast, with strawberry shortcake and homemade buttermilk scones sprinkled with powdered sugar (unless your Jeddy and then the sugar load triples). So yummy! So so yummy.

shot of the group in the strawberry fields. If you could see through hills and houses you would see our house behind Dave about 1 and a half miles. Just in front of britt is Legoland. It is always pleasant to see these massive rolling strawberry fileds among our little city. Their lease ends soon and many people want a big fancy hotel. I prefere the fields. I hope this spot stays agro, I hope we can come here and pick (or steal) many more strawberries.


Lizza said...

So jealous. They look super good and I bet you got them at a good deal.

April, Rob, and Baby James said...

How fun- wish we were there. Can I have some yummy breakfast too?!I hope they keep the fields.

brittdave said...

Awesome pictures Kim. We'll have to go again before September.

HappyHardings said...

That looks super fun. Someday we should get together and do something like that. Every time we go to my parents Gracie points out Madisen's Grandma's house.