Friday, October 10, 2008


Here is an email I just received from the governor.

Thank you for writing to urge a veto of AB 2567.  I appreciate your
active participation in the democratic process, and I value your
suggestions on how government can better serve the people of California.

I am pleased to inform you that I vetoed this bill after extensive
consideration and thorough deliberation of arguments from both
supporters and opponents of this issue. The public impact of
Harvey Milk's efforts should continue to be recognized at the
local level by those who were most impacted by his contributions.
My veto message for this legislation may be found on the Official
California Legislative Information website:

Again, I appreciate hearing your opinion on legislation that
affects the future of our great state. Taking the time to
communicate your views and offer suggestions is essential
to good citizenship and good government.


Arnold Schwarzenegger
For those of you that do not know what this is about. Harvey Milk was a Homosexual and an activist for his rights He won elections and was mayor of SF (i think). Anyway gay rights people have been fighting for May 22nd to be Harvey Milk day. So on that day Kids will be taught all about him, homosexual lifestyles and activities.

I have nothing against gay people. I think it is a sin but it is their choice and like other sins I can see the person not the sin. But lets get real here. Lets have every activist group submit a report on why their leader should have a dedicated day to honor them. then lets pick from, PETA, Sierra Club, Indians for Casinos, and gay rights to see which one gets it. I think it is ridiculous to single out one activist/interest group. And if this passes then I want a straight day, where we celebrate heterosexual activities.

the fuss is over (for now) and luckily the Govenator vetoed it.



Mark and Caroline said...

congrats guys. i'm glad that you guys are able to keep our great california great. i agree about what you've said and how gay ppl are still ppl and i don't think they are bad ppl but i don't agree with their choice and i don't believe god does either. but i'm glad to know that you are louder then they are about your rights.

kimmie kimmie coconut said...

Dude, where is my letter from him?!!! Glad you got one!I sent in a couple emails! Yes!!!!

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

maybe he saw you in your wonder women gear and he knew not to mess with you!?!?!

you just intimidated the terminator

Harris Family said...

Hey I read your blog-- I just stink at even making my own blog current!! Good luck out there I wish I could vote. Roberts cousins are gay and live in sac, CA and really truely are the best people I know but that doesn't change what marriage means. Hope you guys are well. It is chilly here and you have probably heard we have already had snow. We want to see you in Nov-- the 29th--I think. Robbis is getting A's in bio...

Jason and Mandy said...

Hi kids. Just cuz we miss ya, I have annoyingly tagged you on my blog:) I know you love these, but I've never done one, so you can't get mad.

Hope your doing well.


Emily said...

Hi guys! I was at the movies the other night and there is a new movie about Harvey Milk! Oh great! There is also a huge push here for preserving the sanctity of marriage. (it is prop 102) Way to get involved!