Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Catalina Triathlon

The whole gang, including my mom, left Newport Beach for Catalina Island on Friday. We went to bed early that night so we could get plenty of sleep for our first Triathlon. Okay, we didn't shatter any records, we didn't turn the heads of any road bike or energy bar sponsors. But we started and completed our first triathlon. What an awesome experience for both Kim and I.

My mom came into town to watch the kids while we raced. Before anyone is too impressed, this was a sprint Tri, meaning, we are nowhere near an iron man, or a half iron man, or even Olympic man. We are just mini man triathletes. It was a half mile swim in the ocean around the pier. Next was a 10 mile bike ride up a scenic canyon and around the port town of Avalon. The last leg was an amazing run along the coast, up to a beautiful lookout point, and back to town.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. It was already sunny and around 70 degrees by 9 am, the start time. The water was about 65 degrees, I didn't even need a wetsuit. My favorite part was the swim. The main reason was that neither of us was shark food, but it was also very refreshing. But mainly, before you start your first race, you are unsure if you even belong with what appears to be a lot of highly qualified triathletes. After I actually completed the swim, and actually caught up to people in the heat in front of me, I felt like I could hang and I belonged. (After the race I realized that your main competition is yourself. I haven't done many races, so this was a bit of revelation.) Then the bike part was very nice. I have trained on a mountain bike and got a road bike 2 nights before the race, so I was amazed at how much easier it was to keep a good pace. My least favorite of the 3 is the run, so I was happy that the scenery was able to make up for my weakness in speed. I cramped in the beginning of the run, but kept my goal to not ever stop running, until the finish line.

It was a really amazing experience, I cannot wait to do it next year. My time was 1:19:39.7. There were 95 people that I need to figure out how to beat next year(mainly myself), and my competitive juices are flowing freely. What a great experience it was. If anyone is even remotely interested in doing this with us next year, let us know, we will be there. I will let Kim post her story when she can, but it was a very fulfilling thing for us to train together and both complete this challenge. She was awesome. It was really great to have my children and mom there cheering us on. At the end of the day on the Ferry back home we got to witness one of the prettiest sunsets ever. What a great adventure.

If you want to see more action pics, here is the site. we are number's 400 and 401.


April McEvoy said...

Congrats on your first triathelon! What an accomplishment! This is something i am seriously considering... so watch out you may have some competition next year!

Happy-Hardings said...

that is so great. way to go. you are my heroes.

Becky said...

WOW go you two! Talk about super parents! Congratulations, I am sooo jealous and impressed!

Jason and Mandy said...

How cool guys. I have just recently wanted to start doing this myself. So maybe by next year??


Deborah said...

WOW!! VERY impressive!!!

Debbie Nowland (Rebecca Johnson's mom)