Thursday, December 10, 2009

When he grows a foot or two

The last several weeks have been very, very exhausting, busy and tiring for me.
Let me just list some of the bigger things I had to accomplish, along with keeping a clean house, laundry, feeding my family 3 times a day, homework, my softball games, field trips, helping at Madisen and Jeddy's classes, play dates, conducting primary, doing sharing time, filling in for primary teachers, and being a mommy.
  • Madisen Birthday, gifts, favorite meals for breakfast and dinner
  • End of soccer season team party, get and put together trophies, food, pictures, coaches gifts
  • halloween, we made costumes this year, carving pumpkins, pumpkin patch etc
  • Her Party the following week, we made pizza, lemonade, cookies, frosting, and their own party hats.
  • Thanksgiving with my sister's family and mom. It was a yummy meal, turkey, mashed pot with gravy, stuffing, pink salad, pomegranate salad, sweet potato's, sparkling grape juice, wassail, rolls, green bean casserole (not your usual kind), finished off with 2 apple pie, 1 pumpkin and vanilla ice cream to help it all go down. Needless to say it was a meal to be thankful for, but allot of work. Thank goodness my mom was over pies, and that my sister Britt helped out so much.
  • Madisen's baptism- in our stake the family is in charge of everything, program printing, finding people, getting pianist, getting clothes etc.
  • Her baptism luncheon, I made lentil and chicken noodle soup, well My sister and I did. 2 big jelly rolls of Texas sheet cake, veggie platter and fruit platter I had friends bring rolls and bread. set up tables, washing and returning R.S. table clothes
  • Primary activity, I was in charge of the activity and craft, we made wood blocks that were covered with pretty scrapbook paper and said 'JOY', the little kids painted ornaments. I had to cut and saw 90 3 x 4 in blocks of wood. get all supplies, cut paper to size, cricet punch 100 letters, and bag them for each child
  • Jeddy's birthday shopping with out him is so hard, so last night at 10pm I finally went out after Ben was done with mutual. shopping for and preparing his favorite meals
  • His party is this Saturday, homemade invitations, gift bags, menu planning and buying etc.
I give this information because I feel is shows you what my kids have had to endure through. Last week Jeddy was asking me, begging me to play baseball with him. I looked him in the eye and explained "sweetie, mom has 15 table clothes, 6 sheet sets, 12 towel's, to launder, 2 meals of dishes to clean, 3 bathrooms that are in dire need of attention and no one but me to do it. Can you play catch, or T-ball with Benson, maybe today and tonight I can hurry through all this and tomorrow we can play . . .I'm sorry".

Instead of being sad, or complaining or even not understanding, he went out side. I thought he was going to play. I went to the garage started laundry. I heard what I thought was Benson playing in the kitchen sink, so I yelled to him to go play with Jeddy. As I walked in the house I saw cute little Jeddy had pulled up a chair, rolled up his sleeves, and was doing my huge sink full of dishes. He went in the back to drop off his toys. I gave him a big hug. He finished the sink and started the dishwasher all by himself, then went out back to play.

I couldn't help but think what a wonderful boy. I know I cannot take credit for how thoughtful and helpful he is. It is his nature, he is a sweet boy. If this could be taught, this is the one lesson I would teach the young Men in the Church. Never let your wife work harder then you in a day.
I know Jeddy is going to be the husband that is doing the dishes while his wife mops the floor (not watching espn). He is going to be folding the clothes or cleaning the bathroom while she puts the kids in the bath.

I think there is a disconnect that men quit working when they get home from work. Ben I have to say is fabulous with entertaining the kids and keeping them from making messes and bugging me so I can get a meal on the table.

I just have to say I know Jeddy is going to be a very aware and thoughtful guy. I was very impressed that he didn't even come running to say, mommy look what i did. He did it with out praise. He did get a big treat when Benson went down for a nap!!!

Anyway in honor of him on his special day (he is 5), I ask all you readers what is the best quality you think someone should grow up to have? What is your son, husband great at? I am so proud of my boy and I want everyone to feel the love and happiness I feel for him because of his truly wonderful qualities with the boys, men in their lives.


Anonymous said...

wow, what a guy. Thanks for sharing. I think understanding is a great quality. I think if you understand the situation, feeling etc, you will be more likely to help out, to go the extra mile.


Harris Family said...

good post! I think respect and compassion. I need to work on both myself... respect for police officers who give tickets, respect for husbands watching espn...

Lynn said...

Outstanding post, Kimberly.

I wouldn't be so quick to say that you cannot take the credit for what a wonderful sweet boy he is growing up to be. I know you and Ben and I know his disposition does indeed come (at least in part) from the two of you, as well as from his siblings, and even from everyone else he comes in contact with.

Having said that, You and Ben are the major role models for him and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind why he is the way he is.

Go on now, and take some credit. You certainly deserve it.

I wish I could have been there for Madisen's baptism. I still remember vividly what a joy she was in our primary class back in VA. Sheri and I are so proud of her.

Kari Davis said...

wow... time goes fast!!! how cute are your kiddos

Matt and Sarah Joseph said...

I just wanted to comment and make a prediction. I think sometime in the not-too-distant future people will be calling Ben "Bishop Dr. McEvoy". Just an impression I got while looking at the picture of him in the shirt and tie. Very Bishop-esque.