Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why is it Yellow?

She has super long eyelashes like her grandpa Hatt. We have suvived this far with 4 kids. Azure is a typical newborn that sleeps for 2 to 3 hours then needs loving attention from her mommy, and food. I am not use to sleeping for only 2 to 3 hours so this has been very tiring for me. I am so tired!!! But I look at how adorable she and my other kids are and realize in 15 or 20 years I'll have an empty house and get to nap everyday. And I'll miss beng woken up by Jeddy and asked to draw a T-rex, or wake up to find Benson with poop all over him as he smiles proudly telling me he pooped in the potty and is a big boy!
Dad and his girls, they are both ready for bed. Azure's pj's are my favorite . . . all my kids wore them. I think Ben wore them as a kid also. They are like thermal underwear . . .they are so long and skinny . . . . Like all my kids. So they fit perfectly and I just think they are so cute.

Bedtime for our kids is 7pm. We have not made it to bed before 8 for a month. HA ha. Last night Ben was playing with his birthday gift a new camcorder. So we sang karaoke basically from Madisen's ipod and took turns doing performances until 8:40 pm. Since Azure we really have cut out a lot of things. Now that softball and t-ball are over we have so much more time at home as a family. That has really been a blessing. We go on walks through the neighborhood at the beach, and play games. It has been a very busy year, school and calendar. Ben is working full time and commuting long hours some days. All the kids have this and that. Plus Jeddy has lots, and lots of medical things, Dr's visit's, blood testing, allergy shots, etc. But is it all quieting down. We can just be a family most nights. It is such a blessing.
Hello . . . so cute! We had to make a late run to target on Saturday night to get a white Sunday shirt for Jeddy. Madisen, Jeddy and I, got distracted in the baby section and came home with a bundle of cute little outfits. Jeddy and I picked this elephant out fit. I spent the rest of sat night making headbands to match her outfits. Girls are so fun.

The boys favorite thing about Azure is she has yellow POOP. For every diaper I get an onslought of questions. Is it yellow, is it still runny, is she done?, why, why why. They love when she makes noises and fills her diaper. I always get a loud report. Mom, Azure filled her diaper. . . .Is it going to be yellow?
We went to all of church as a big happy family on Sunday . . . stake conference. The two big kids sang in a choir for it. I have to say other then seeing my kids sing and be deeply moved by the spirit with that it was pretty pointless to be there. Oh well brownie points in heaven right.

Azure came to 3rd hour, Primary with me Last Sunday. It is so much easier to get the bigger kids ready and send them with Ben. Then calmly get me and Azure ready while they are gone, and then we leisurely walk in an hour or too late.. I love Sundays because Ben helps with Azure on Saturday nights and I get naps!!!!! He has been really good to entertain the kids, he even had them all on his birthday. I got a nap and alone time On his Birthday while he took the 3 olders mini golfing and shopping. Start times and schedules are pretty pointless with a newborn. I am either really early or late. Nursing doesn't allow me to be on time . . .at least not yet.

My Mom was out for the first 2 weeks. She had the kids while I was in the hospital. It was nice to have them at home and not shuttled around from friend to friend. I was able to get a few naps in those two weeks. With some of my help but mostly on her own my made left us with:
  • 4 meals of My Dad's yummy Corn Chowder,
  • 3 Meals of my Favorite Taco soup,
  • 5 Chicken pot pies that are worth their weight in gold.
  • 4 batches of homemade tomato sauce,
  • 2 pie crust,
  • pizza dough,
  • homemade rolls,
  • 2 chicken enchiladas.
  • I think i am missing something?!?!?!
So the next few months I have an arsenal of frozen yummy food to pull out for meals. What a relief.

The next two weeks I was spoiled by friends, neighbors and ward members with at least 3 meals a week. So I really have not had to prepare a dinner, with all the left overs!!!!! That is such a blessing. Because trying to prepare and get a meal cooked while doing homework with Madisen, and entertain the boys, (or just keep them from hurting each other) is too much normally. So to then add a hungry little baby is pretty stressful. Like I said, I have not had to do many times yet. And school is almost out . . .so no more schedules other then what we set for ourselves. hooray.

well I have 2 kids sleeping, so I better take advantage of nap time before they wake up.

enjoy the pictures of our cutie.


brittdave said...

love the pictures and your entertaining descriptions of life! Michael says Azure needs to be bigger.

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

I love you hun. Miss you and see you soon. We do have it good.