Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter thoughts

I am feeling pretty stoked right now. I have been just thinking about how good life is. It is a good thing to be grateful, and an experience with the kids tonight made me want to record it. We had a great Easter Sunday. We got some goodies from the Easter bunny, went to church, listened to a great musical presentation by the ward choir. I had a wonderful lesson with my 15 year old Sunday school class. They make me stoked. Such great kids and have such a great grasp of what life is all about. They each shared their favorite scripture that is related to Easter. Wasn't like it could be with some kids. No pulling teeth(intentional pun). Every single one of them just freely shared why they are grateful for The Savior Jesus Christ. I feel their strength in their testimony. No way I was that solid at their age. It makes me think we have a bright future ahead.
We had a great salmon dinner with Kim's sister and family. Wonderful meal and great company. I love having them so close. It means alot to our family. Then I called my grandma who just might be one of the most grateful and giving people I know. I always am in a better mood after talking to her. It doesn't hurt that she is a typical grandma and thinks her grandson can do no wrong. I really want to be that way after I talk to her. I think she knows that, which is why she is so encouraging. She wants the best for her family is wise enough to know the best way to motivate others is with positive reinforcement. What a great lady.

We then went to the Bakers for a baby blessing. They are some friends in the ward. Rob is one of my surfing buddies. We got to just get to know some of their friends and family better. Afterward we came home, got the kids all ready for bed and then just before prayer I said that we have alot to be thankful for, maybe we should each mention. So Jeddy busts out in the most sincere way that he is really thankful for mom and dad getting him a nice Easter shirt to wear to church and that he was thankful he had a mom and dad. I expected something like 'thankful for my candy' and the same from Madisen. They spent the next several minutes just going back and forth on things they were really thankful for. Mostly family, but Madisen also threw in that she was thankful that Jesus sacrificed so we could live again. It was just one of those moments where I realized that life just doesn't get any better than that. I feel so very fortunate.

This probably has something to do with a surf session my other surfing buddy and neighbor Dan-o and I had on Saturday. It was just the best one ever. We saw 4 dolphins, the sky was perfect blue, the view of Tamarack's coast line was picture perfect and we just kept catching wave after wave. Dan-o especially, he's both a generous and a smart surfer and he catches a ton of waves. But I caught my fair share too. More than ever. And more good long rides than ever. Waves weren't real big, but they were very nicely shaped, and very ride able. It was just the best session I have had. Dan-o and I were still buzzing about it later that day, and I think I am still buzzing about it.

I am just telling my wife I can never do a short blog. This was meant to be one believe it or not. But the point is, while I was surfing, I just felt grateful to be living life. I think surfers call it 'stoked'. And I think that must have rubbed off to my kids or something, cuz they were just so 'stoked' also. I heard this quote that seems true"Gratitude leads to joy and happiness, just as joy and happiness lead to gratitude and contentment". A very wise thought and I will end on that.

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Lynn said...

So... Madisen WAS paying attention in prinary class. That's so cool how she prayed. Awesome post, Ben. Thanks for sharing.