Friday, March 14, 2008

We found perfection!

Welcome to it, you'll love it. The locals call it Seagrove and Powerhouse Park. It's in Del Mar. I prefer perfect. Seagrove Park has a great kids playground, with sand box, bucket swings and regular swings. Adjacent to it sits Powerhouse park, with its rocky cliffs and smooth beaches lined with a well groomed putting green lawn. Not least are the amenities, clean bathroom, community center trails for scooter races and great tasting sand- so far this is Benson's favorite sand.

A couple weeks ago we went exploring for something new to do in town. We got lost and ended up here. And to think we were going to get some books at Borders. I am glad we got lost. We rode scooter around the sidewalks, petted all the friendly dogs, played at the play ground that overlooks the beach, ran races on the lawn, rolled down the sand dunes, strolled on the beach and the walk way, enjoyed snacks at the pavilion, and Jeddy's favorite was the grand view of the coaster train. After Benson was done 'snacking' on the sand and the kids had filled their pockets and hair with sand we headed for Swami's cafe to end the adventure perfectly with fresh fruit smoothies.

A friend of mine (she is a professional blogger) has a regular post 'Fabulous item of the week'. this is my attempt at that. However I don't post that frequently and do not have that many exciting things to pass on to my readers, so this is My Fabulous item of the year. And I hope to enjoy it for many many years to come. If this feels like an advertisement, it is sort of. We love visitors. Ben's sister Caroline and her husband Mark were just in town and we always feel like we are on vacation when people visit. So if your interested in a day/week/ afternoon like this come visit, there is always room at the Carlsbad five Inn.


Lynn said...

What a cool looking place... good place for a second honeymoon perhaps? Thanks for the fabulous item... can't wait for next year's.
Love you guys.

j & rachel kirkham said...

Thank you so much for you nice words about my blog. I am so glad you stopped by! I nosed around on yours too and it looks like so much fun with those adorable kids and I am indeed jealous of the beach! We had planned to do kids then dogs but the kids thing has been a bit of a struggle for us so we started with dogs. Oh and we sure love them! I'm going to add you guys to my list of favorite bloggers...hope you don't mind. I'm glad to get to know you!

Salt H2O said...

I grew up playing football at sea grove park! I want my life back!