Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Randomness in August

Our gangster Jeddy! He has the perfect do not mess with me lips and face. Jeddy's Uncle Matt and Sarah came to visit. Matt outfitted Jeddy with this new look.
I am glad we do not live in Vegas anymore. I wouldn't be comfortable around town with him wearign this there.

Benson is so happily getting his first hair cut. He was growing too close to a mullet. We had to do what was right for the American people. We held him down and shaved it off.

I knew exactly what Jeddy was up too. He kept his eyes on me the entire walk into the kitchen. Got his 'surf board'. Came back into the living room keeping a close watch on me. And proceeded to the stairs. I listened to him as he sat at the top. He was talking to Benson down below. You better move this is going to be fun. yet before he went he moved down a step or two. After the first run down the stairs it was over.

Benson was not going to stand by and calmly watch Jeddy have all the fun. this is when i chimed in. I figured it was better for me to injure Benson on our stair surfing the Jeddy. so we doubled up and went for it. He loved it. We had a bunch of fun that afternoon. We went feet first, head first, on our bellies, on parents backs, and learned some great techniques. I was a little scared when Ben came home and wondered why all the pillows were at the bottom of the stairs. I wasn't sure if I was going to get in trouble for being dangerous with the boys. I wouldn't let Jeddy tell Ben what we did, I made him show him. So then We got Ben all involved. he had issues keeping his long legs inside the width of the stairs. but once he passed that challenge Benson picked him as his favorite stair surfing partner.

To any of my friends that are new to parenting or just want to actually sleep in and get a sound night rest. Look forward to this in the morning.

This was all Benson, 3 boxes of cereal. I full box of honey bunches of oats, and 2 half boxes of golden grahams and kix. I didnt even show the sink and kitchen pictures. I wasn't aware that Ben got Benson out of his crib, he said he told me and then left for work. well I must have been tired because I slept right through it. I only woke up when I heard the door close. Yes our front door. Luckily Benson was distracted by now with naked Barbie dolls and Madisen convinced Jeddy to shut the door. Madisen had turned into a Zombie in front of the TV. She gave this insightful advice after Jeddy had interrogated the person, and shut and reopened the door several times.

Luckily I was coming too and came down the stairs, I cant even remember who came over. I think it was a friend. the great thing is We talk about this issue ALL THE TIME. Seriously the one time you sleep in, all craziness happens. The older kids destroyed their room and the living room, Madisen had the TV on and Benson so politely sprinkled my kitchen. All in just a few minutes of rest.

I had no real reason to post all these oddities. Hope you enjoy the little happening around our house in august.

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