Saturday, August 9, 2008

In awe!

Simply amazing. The opening ceremony of the Olympics was beautiful. The best I have ever seen. I loved the vast numbers of the drummers and dancers, the contrast in light dark, masculine vs feminine. I really could go on for 20 or so more run on sentences. I was so touched when Bob C. was telling the story of the c0-flag carrier for the Chinese Olympiads. It was the little boy with scars on his head. He was one of 10 survivors in his school class from the earthquake. He was covered with the rubble and ran for help and returned to uncover 2 more students. When asked about his actions he humbly remarked I am a class leader it is my job. What a wonderful little boy.

If you missed it . . . seriously watch it. I also encourage every one to read about it. the symbolism and historical lesson through out the display is amazing. Like the Chinese scroll that narrated and was the screen, the Chinese invented paper.

and holy cow who ever thought of a torch barer would be running in air to light the flame . . . . seriously so cool.

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