Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An official plea for help!

Okay, blog buddies we have a situation. An unnamed person has found himself happily single at 34 with 2 wonderful children. I know many of you are thinking I am referring to Christian Bale. Sorry ladies he is still married. Yes, Christian Bale and I are good friends, and he is 34. But I am referring to someone else. The person I am referring to that needs help has many similarities to Christian Bale. I will call my friend the Dark Knight. He is charming like most of Bale's characters. Other similarities are the same height and wear their hair the same way. Both have many dialects and accents they use for career purposes. Both have daughters the same age. That is as much information as Christian is comfortable with so I will stop there. He is a very private guy.

I have no advice to offer the Dark night on online dating services Or being single and a Latter day Saint over the age of 30. So, I am out sourcing. My plea is those that know will comment on any or all of the below topics and any other you think He will need. Thank you in advance.

on the different services to use?

cautions and warnings?

appropriate online etiquette?

Singles ward? or family wards?

mail order brides from Russia?

feel free to link appropriate blog entries in comments to further educate us.


Salt H2O said... it's totally non-threatening and free.

with the kids he's got to go to family wards. If he goes to the 31+ wards he'll probably get majorly depressed, however there are a number of 31+ wards out there that are like a subset of the family ward- they're combined. They have one like that in the HB.

MwH said...

He should come visit the family wards in northern va. I swear there are 100 amazing, beautiful single women in each ward. If he wants to come out here I'll be his unofficial dating service and set him up. . .well, i suppose I'd have to know who he is first :). Oh and i have the funniest friend in Utah who I would set him up with in a heart beat -- sorry I don't have any dating service ideas for you.

brent said...

Lemme add to Kory's plug. The free part is the hook.

There are a lot of beautiful women from Russia...if Christian wanted, he'd be able to really nail his Russian accent down with one of those mail-order brides. And not that I have any experience in this arena, but I've heard tell that those Russian chicks tend to use Americans to get a green card, and then it's "dasvedanya".

I'm 32, I go to a family ward (by choice...the 31+ singles' wards are just depressing), and it's tough to meet single women my age. Maybe that's just my ward, though.

Online etiquette follows very closely to the real world. Don't propose in the second email. Don't webcam...that's lame.

Hey, is your brother who's in the AF...does he live in Utah? I do linguistics as well, and I work with some Air Force kids.

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

I have heard of many stories form lady friends of crazy stalkers and creeps . .is the same true for guys. Are their stalkers and creepy ladies in the single cyber dating world??

Brent- Love the advice not to propose on the 2nd email.

thanks for your help