Monday, July 7, 2008

My man's best friend

We miss you.

We watched your picture slide show and Ben taught the kids about how like Christ you always loved everyone. Everyone was your friend, and they knew it. You had a great quality to include and give voice to everyone in the room, or group. Thank you for that example.

Happy Birthday Dogg!


~home bodies~ said...

what a nice post. we always celebrate bj on the 7th too.

Emily said...

Thanks for that awesome post. I miss him, too. He really did love everyone and made you feel special. I take some comfort knowing he is up there with my baby girl. MISS YOU BJ!!!

Wendy said...

I miss BJ too. He was just a a fun and happy guy who loved everyone. Thanks for the tribute to him!

I loved your thoughts and feelings of our country in one of your earlier posts. We really are in a blessed country.