Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning to look allot like Christmas

We spent tonight buying our tree and decorating it.
We were sad to learn that all the tree farms, and cut your own tree down spots burned down in California. So our only option was to go down the street to a pre-cut lot and buy one that came from Oregon this morning.

Benson was really loving it. He was talking up a storm. I do not quite know what he said but I managed: big tree, wow, poke me, tree, tree, Christmas tree, big tree, baby tree. Jeddy at first said he wanted a Benson size tree. So I took him over to the Benson size tree's. It took about 2.5 seconds for him to be completely disappointed and run back to the 10 foot section of $100.00 trees.

Meanwhile Dad and Madisen found the tree for us (not in the $100.00 section). Dad drilled a hole and got it all set up in the stand while I made dinner. After dinner me and the kids listened to all our favorite Christmas songs and decorated the tree.

You might not know this but I am VERY particular about the lighting on my trees. I always redo what the kids or Ben do. I Start at the bottom and take every strand into the trunk wrap around the branch on my way out then back into the trunk and out etc etc. I was methodically trying to teach my kids to do this. I finally just came to the proper conclusion that they are not old enough to manage the physicalness or to CARE. I also came to a new great awareness that it is our family Christmas tree, not my decoration or craft. So, after coming to close to tears a couple times I just let go and gave them their stands and free reign of the tree.

And you know what it looks great! The kids posed with their favorite ornaments and took their own "progress report" pictures. Benson just posed, over and over. He loved to decorate himself. He would wrap himself in the strand we were working with and try to put ornaments on like earrings. What a fun little boy.

I am glad I am able to learn from my wonderful children. From Benson I learned that several of my ornaments are indeed breakable, he loves the sound of clinking glass. He is perfecting my patience. Jeddy taught me that putting light on a tree is dumb because you cant jump rope with the light strands. My second born also taught me size matters. I showed them my dream tree (noble fur 12 foot for 150$) he was so confused on why I wanted a skinny tree you could see through. He likes his trees like he likes Santa Clause - thick. Madisen taught me achieving perfection is not creating memories, she also taught me the cheapest tackiest ornaments can bring a tear to your eye and a swell to your chest.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is going through all our ornaments. Madisen asks about each one now and knows that almost all have a story and a history. Family trips, vacations, mile stones, gifts, family and friend parties, R. S. activities, loved ones here and gone and painting our own with the McEvoy girls are all some of the great flashes of memories that come back to me each year as we hang the ornaments.

I love Christmas more and more every year I get to experience it with my kids.



Salt H2O said...

For someone who is very particular about her lighting may I suggest a pre-lit tree?

I know the thought of a fake tree makes your stomach churn, but you can always get that fresh pine smell in the house by purchasing some pine bows from Costco. AND with the prices of pre-lit trees these days, it pays for itself in 2 Christmases.

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

valid point.
I have been leaning that way. I know real trees are no cost effective. I just love the tradition, getting cutting, finding, sweeping up after, smelling, chopping it up and burning. I love the whole thing. that is hard to give up just for a great price point.

maybe with prices going down I can get a steal of a deal on one after Christmas. plus I am sure I can find someone to sell me a pine scented candle.

Mark and Caroline said...

hey kim. we are so excited that you are all coming to utah for christmas. you had marks email right. also, i got some different orniments for us and the kids to paint. we too are so excited for christmas. see you all soon.

Happy-Hardings said...

I had the same type of feelings about the placement of ornaments, I eventually let them do it how they wanted too. Madisen is looking so mature now, can't wait to see you guys.

Lizza said...

So adorable! I'm so so so glad you bought a real tree. I'm all about real trees.

Thanks again for hooking us up. I had a ton of fun and can't wait to see you again.

Jason and Mandy said...

Kim I have been struggling with the whole real vs fake tree thing for years. The real are a mess and a pain sometimes, but it's tradition. For some reason it makes me feel like a sell out. I might change my mind someday. Also, amen on the lighting. I am the same way! I have trained Jason to do it and Livie is too young, so I'm sure I'll be where you are in a couple years.


Harris Family said...

Thanks for letting us stay in your home- I have actually seen this tree in person and it is sooo beautiful. I love real trees. We haven't bought real the last two years because I dont want james to knock it over and get water ont he carpet etc... But I think we will buy them when th kids are a bit older. Madison is so beautiful in her picture!! See you guys soon