Friday, January 2, 2009

Smoking in the New Year

Has anyone gotten themselves in a bind and had to buy something expensive to use once.
For example has any one tried to move all their belongings from a storage unit in California to Las Vegas and forgot to bring the keys for the padlock? So then you have to buy bolt cutters. Bolt cutters? Seriously what am I going to do with huge bolt cutters. Ben and I are not really into petty theft so they have just gathered dust for years.

One reason I love real Christmas trees is I love cuttign them down and burning them.
It is tradition for us to burn our Trees and have cozy game or story time in front of the fireplace.

So this year I took my awesome bolt cutters to our douglas fir and went to town. It melted through the branches so smoothly. I was even able to cut 2 in thick branches with ease. Good thing we are getting our use out of our 'useless' bolt cutters. Any one have a tree they need to get rid of?

The kids had such a great time. They kept Ben busy loading the fire with branches. It smelled so good. We played old Maid, cranium, and chinese checkers. Listend to our ipod and ate yummy homemade popcorn. It was a fun night.


brittdave said...

I love that you are using your bolt cutters. I miss having a fireplace, so glad you are enjoying it.
We already miss you guys
oh and if you find a pet shop hamster we are looking for one

Lynn said...

Great post, Kim.

Sheri and I will have to burn our tree next year.

I'll be out of town this week, so Happy Birthday a couple of days early.

Love you guys,


Mark and Caroline said...

that sounds like it would smell so good. that's what you don't get with the fake tree. we miss you guys here with us. it was a really fun visit on our part and we hope you all had fun. but really come back soon.