Friday, January 2, 2009

It was a White christmas for us.

Our sweet boy Jeddy, he is always willing and eager to help. He loves to get involved and be doing things. So he helped Dad and Grandpa shovel the huge driveway. They can park like 12 cars at least. Jeddy was a big help!

Sled rides with the Johnson's. In an open field in the middle of Orem, Utah Trin's Uncle Keith pulled the kids in a snowshoe sled behind his Subaru. They have a big beautiful Dog named Ronan, and he would chase the car and the sled. He even was biting Ben when he went with Jeddy and Mikey . . .that led to their demise and the sled tipped over. Jeddy didn't like that at all. After he 'cooled off' and warmed up in the van he went on the sled a few more times.
of coarse my little helper Jeddy gets us all hot cocoa . . . it is a must when one has so much play and rompus in the snow.
Benson is all smiles playing in my old playhouse. It was so hard to get him to wear gloves or a hat or even a coat. but once he went outside a few times and realized we were all bundled and that it is colder then what he is use too . .he was SO MUCH MORE cooperative.

I am still trying to get pics of Madisen and trinity sledding. They went off by themselves and just had a blast. It was a new experience for the kids. They all decided we can never move to UTAH it is too COLD.

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brittdave said...

I love the pictures, thanks for coming, we loved having you here.