Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My thoughts on 1:00 Chruch

When we get home from our 3 hour block of church at 4:20pm do we:
  • put him down for a nap and stay up late with him until he gets tired for bed?
  • Do we keep him up as long as possible then put him down for bed really early and pray and fast that he sleeps until at least 5:00 am.
  • Miss Church entirely for 1 year and come back when church starts at a decent hour like 9 or 11 am.

So far neither of the first 2 options are working really well. Below is Benson it is approx 5:07:45 pm. Just for the record he woke up at 7:34. That is just in time to take part in the big kids bedtime routine. Ben fell asleep at 8:15. And I was up with Benson until midnight reading and trying to keep my self awake so he wasn't awake and loose in the house. Finally just before midnight I put him down, after minimal whimpering he fell asleep. And slept until 6:20.
Notice how charming and happy my son is NOT. This is monday before lunch and he was all tears and upset. It is hard to hear the yelling he is giving the pole and me in the first picture from the blog. Just trust me it was testign my patience. So I ignored him! I wrote in my planner, when he was not looking I found him on the climbing apparatus. He smiled when he saw me. And I let him know I saw it. It would be one thing if this was his only tear stained meltdown of the day . . . . it was one of MANY all wonderul happy day long. Meltdown Mondays are all too frequent now! Why do the terrible two's have to coincide with 1:00 church.

Any recommendations?

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