Friday, May 1, 2009

Cliffnotes: Kim McEvoy

I was asked to write a brief Biography of my self. I realized how cool I am and it was very challenging to make it brief. Thought I would share. Since the work was already done, and I have not posted in MONTHS. Hope you enjoy. Picture is madisen wishing she could go to school with Ben.

I was born in Mesa Arizona, during my fathers medical residency. I was fourth in the line up. As a 2 year old I decided to help my parents move shelves and crushed my right hand between 2 cinder blocks. Severely breaking 3 fingers. My mom suffered through moldy cast after moldy cast the whole summer of swimming. I had to have corrective surgery and therapy to gain more function for my fingers in high school.

I did all my schooling (Elementary through bachelors) in Orem, minus a few zoology and biology classes at BYU. I won yearly in reflections and city programs for my poetry and artwork. I played all sports and competed in gymnastics and softball. Picture is Benson painting, in shades and heels.

My first job was raising and breeding my Golden retriever, Missy. I love dogs and wa always was watching neighbors Dogs. I started a lawn mowing business at 13 years old, my parents were my best clients, so they got a discounted rate. They called it chores, I called it a discount. I made business cards, fliers and receipts and had quite the clientele (4 neighbors). picture is Madisen 2 years and Ben mowing our front lawn in Virginia.

I worked through high school and college for a dear family friend running their scale house and helping at the gravel pit. The foreman loved to use me to retrieve screws, bolts and filters in places only my tiny hands could fit. One day I had to suspended my self in a diesel fuel to retrieve a wrench, needless to say I smelled.

I quit that job to travel the summer of 99', I was done with lame boys and taking a sabbatical from relationships, dating, and work. The week before fall semester began I started on my mission papers. The next weekend a cute guy named Ben broke my thumb playing NO TACKLE football. He tackled me. I can hardly blame him it truly was the only way to prevent me from scoring. Since my medical bills were covered we agreed he owed me dinner. We went rope swinging into Provo river, golfing and then to dinner and milk shakes at Stewart's.

6 months later we were married. We had 4 more semesters before we both graduated from college. Madisen surprised us and was born 16 months after we were married. The 'plan' was to start having kids the 2nd year of dental school, or 3 ½ years after getting married. So we went on to plan B. I was able to finish my degree and walked with Madisen to get my diploma, in Behavioral Science. I thought it was perfect since she was my study partner. Picture: Graduation from MCV, shown with his champion football team buddies, and Jeddy 18 mo.

In Aug 2002 we moved to Richmond, Virginia for dental school. Shortly after that I got a job at the mission home as an employee of the church. I worked there and other odd jobs all through school. I made food for transfers and helped serve and clean up. One of our families favorite perks was we often got leftovers . . .a great blessing for us. Picture: Madisen and Jeddy visitng Grandpa

While I was pregnant with Jeddy all our appliances broke, some several times. And I spent 2 months with out a kitchen floor. Jeddy was born Dec of 2004, he is named Matthew Jeddy for my Father. Everyday he reminds me of and gives me bits and pieces of my father.

Upon graduation we moved 4 times until, we got it right and ended up in Carlsbad. We moved to California for a week, then in Utah for 3 months next was Las Vegas for 6 months. Just long enough to unpack and have baby Benson! We have love Carlsbad. I am a girl scout asst troop leader for Madisen. The boys and I go hiking, to Story time, Karate, picnic at the park, puppet show and beach weekly. We keep our selves busy with errands, chores and sports. I enjoy cooking, especially finding entrees at restaurants I love and making them at home.

I have been playing in a softball league on Tuesday nights, I am not good but I love softball. I just signed up to do the triathlon on Camp Pendleton in Aug. A childhood goal of mine is to climb mt. Kilimanjaro. Ben and I wanted to do it for our 10 year anniversary, but we still have loans to pay off. Now with Ben and his training we would love to climb the Mt and do free clinic for the people of Tanzania. But that is a few years away.

I am in the primary presidency and I love it. It is an opportunity for great growth for me. I am terrified to conduct primary, I seriously would rather talk in sacrament meeting. Sharing time is fun, you get to play and color, conducting is to serious.


Yogurl and Manburger said...

Definitely not your typical blog posting. It was neat to hear some more about your early life. It's funny how sometimes after kids enter the picture, we tend to forget about all the fun stories the parents have and had before the kids came along. Thanks for sharing.

Bryan and Michelle said...

You have had a cool life. Thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

What happened to you guys? You've disappeared off the blogoshpere.

Ben you should go check out my blog, you're featured in my latest post. Hope you don't mind. And just admit it, you were scared. :)