Saturday, October 10, 2009

endless days of summer

A goofy Madisen and serious Jeddy posing in front of a peacock. Ben's family came to town to go to Disneyland they all spent a few days there. The grandparents drove Anne, Katie and Natalie out so they could enjoy Disneyland with Natalie (she went as a toddler so she needed to experience it again). They spent a few days with us and one day we went on a walk and tour of Leo Carrillo ranch. It is a famous old movie stars house, well large estate with many buildings, and tons of PEACOCKS.
Benson absolutely adores Aunt Katie, here he is showing us a peacock. He would hear their yelps and get so excited. "Mom, I hear them" . . .he is so cute.

the McEvoy crew at Luke, April and Jarens in Escondido. We had fun swimming, playing in the sand. The most exciting event was the ferocious volley ball tournament. All the little kids ran after the loose balls. Jeddy tried so hard to hit the ball over the net. Which he did accomplish. He never gives up!
Yummy cool whip treat at the beach with our friends. And the best part when they get messy you send them off to play in the water.
Luckily we tried out a new beach spot. A nudest beach.. Benson was right at home. He loved it. Yeah just kidding, he just wouldn't stay dressed. Our friends brought a potty seat for their girls in training. And Bence constantly was trying it out. I am so glad he never had to #2.
What silly kids, they must watch too much Adam Sandler, they are being Watermelon heads.

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