Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun in June: tadpoles and parks

Tadpole time! Our kids love the ravine in the back yard. We always go for walks and exploring. In June is when the tadpoles are out. We took 4 or so trips to see them. We brought some back and tried to raise them. we were successful last year. this year benson really did not understand leaving them alone. Between benson and the wilderness in our back yard no tadpoles matured to frogs with our help. Instead we are probably responsible for the demise of many, many creatures. In this spot you have to walk on a log over the pond to get to a few more little pond areas. benson of course did not wait for any assistance. he had no hand holds for half the log walk but he just tore across it. He makes me so nervous. Luckily we all stayed dry, well our shoes were really muddy. And several bug bites. It's all worth it to have such fun adventures.

The kids love when Luke and April and baby Jaren come over. Benson is convincing Luke to let him play with his ipod game thing. Benson was cute he put his arm around Luke's shoulder and watched, then moved in closer, then was holding it with Luke, then he was holding it by himself. He slowly and strategically commandeered Luke's ipod.
Our family tree, Jeddy, Ben, Benson, and Madisen. I did not even attempt to join in all the climbing fun. The big kids were climbing when Dad drove up from work. Then I hear all sorts of yelling from the front. "Mom, hurry . . . .and bring the camera." I was thinking Jeddy caught another lizard or frog. Or Benson was naked water painting. I was wrong. They were having a tree party.
We spent many mid mornings at hidden canyon. Where Jeddy mastered the monkey bars. he and Madisen now go back and forth. And I help Benson go back and forth, back and forth. I love having active kids.

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