Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ben and I ran another tri together. I will tell you I almost peed my pants, and died in the swim, but after that it was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It was a hard corps series. We had to wake up early and get on the Marine Corps base and then make our way over to the Navy beach where they house all the LCAC's.

Ben starts in of the first waves, right after the elite athletes. So I have to stand on the beach and watch 7 or so waves each take their turn and go. Meanwhile out of every wave (even the elite and gung ho Marines) a few people have to be rescued by the jet ski personnel. At first I thought it was interesting I have never seen jet ski's, the rescuers are all on kayak or surfboards. But then I started listening to the people around me and put it together.

Apparently this spot or break in the beach in known for its crazy waves. There is no calm little waves. So silly Kim who hates water, salt, being wet etc voluntarily signed up for a tri with a 5 foot surf. Ben and I still debate this detail, he loves water, and is much taller he thinks it was only 3 feet. I know better, it was monstrous, I truly am surprised I finished and survived.

Back on track, after getting killed with waves and tasting nastiness I got over the 'break' and was able to set a pace and move forward. I forgot however to pay attention on the way back in and was pummeled. I get no points for style. But like I said I finished and went into my sweet transition, taking everything off before I even entered the Transition zone. I really excel at the transition times. I can't swim and running and biking I am no better than average.

I was so excited about the bike. It was 45 k, so the longest race distance ever by me. Plus my friend Marie, well her former Marine Pilot husband, lent me his custom Kestrel tri bike. the bike is of more value then Ben's car. So I was scared to ruin it but so excited to enjoy a quality machine. I cut my bike time in half, from the Catalina triathlon. I did train a few more times but it pretty much was the bike. I wish I had ridden the coarse before, I would have pushed it allot harder. I just rode real politely until the turn around and then I booked it. there is never time in my life for a leisurely drive to check out the race coarse.

I was pretty worried about the run, it was hot and my shins were KILLING. I had never been in pain like that. I just pretended they were one of my kids when they are obnoxious. I ignored it, and kept moving. I even picked up my pace the last mile and a half. Ben ran the last yards with me. He literally raced with me. I wasn't made for speeding up after 2 hours of physical exertion. But I indulged him, he came in first again!

IT was so fun. I am really proud of this race. I realize it is nothing amazing no lives were saved but I still feel pretty cool when I wear my T-shirt around!
Too bad the one shot we got I have a dorky look and my eyes are closed. Oh well you can see how awesome my Transition area is. And check out my pimp ride. thanks MIKE!!!!!!!

Soccer has started, 2 practices a week, Madisen on Tuesday, Jeddy on Wednesday. Games for each every sat, starting the 29 of august. Jeddy is so excited to be involved and have his things to do. It is great to see him develop and try and succeed. I am so proud of Madisen, she doesn't know any girls on her new team. She hasn't let that make her shy, well she is shy but she still gets in there. I am so proud that she is coming out of her shell and doing more and more things out of her comfort zone.

A bunny! August was filled with, beach every wed, hikes, pool, primary activity- games and races at the beach, picnics, Karate, and throwing up!. We went to Utah, and came home throwing up, it went thought the family and took us out of commission for a week.

We are all recovered. And that's our summer, it came to an end sept 2.

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