Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big events for Madisen

It is early morning, the house is quiet, the boys are sleeping and Madisen is READING. we were really active and busy all summer but some how our little girl found time to read a book(S) every day. I started keeping record and we wrote all the titles and added up the pages in her journal. Guess how many pages she read. Let me remind you she is 7. Some books she read: Narnia chronicles, Beverly Cleary, any American girl book she could find, and many Boxcar children books. I will let you ponder on your guess and give the answer later.
We were grinding wheat to make some yummy bread. Madisen took a turn and the next thing she knew she had blood running out her mouth, and found a new hole. the sweet girl knocked her loose #E tooth out cranking the handle. She was so excited, she has lost so many teeth in shortest time!
I finally gave in! She got her haircut. We all hung out in the back yard and I went through the family. Madisen was first, then the boys. She donated her hair to the ravine, for birds nest :-)

So here it is Our speed reader read more then 1,000 pages. She even read more then 10,000 pages. yes I meant 4 zeros. She read a grand total of 11,270 pages. And we only counted chapter books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go our sweet little book worm.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I have checked your blog for months with nothing new and today I am overwhelmed with posts. I loved them all. I can't remember all my thoughts but what a great active family. I love to hear about all your adventures. Way to go on the Trialtholon. You are braver than me.

Tell the kids Hello, Tell Benson I hope he lives, Tell Jeddy he is an awesome soccer player and awesome Karate boy and Tell Madisen she is very impressive and we are proud of them all.