Saturday, October 10, 2009

Benson; the ride of our lives.

This isn't a great picture of Bence, but you can see his great front kick. He did a little tykes karate over the summer. Madisen and Jeddy were the helpers and did it with him. It took him several minutes to get into it. But then he loved it. The middle section of the class they did an obstacle course. Through a tunnel, somersault over the wedge, kicks through hula hoops and etc. that is his favorite part. He whips out his somersault with no needed help.
great stance Benson!
Never a dull moment with Benson. He is always so willing to try anything. He is very similar to evil kanevil (SP). He throws himself off the diving board. With or with out Ben around to catch him. It takes two of us to keep him from drowning.
A typical day at lunch in our house. A naked Hannah Montana, a cowgirl and a cowboy sit up for refueling. Benson never has a dull outfit. He loves all Madisen's girl dress up and shoes. He even likes to paint his nails all by himself when I assume he is napping. I really should get a video baby monitor for this kid. He has learned to shut his door and creep into my bathroom. When I see his door open I know he is up to something.
Today he was wearing a full outfit of boy clothes, so to spice it up he made a 'wig' of black hair he went around with all day. Who knew a dish towel could be so useful!?!? These are the dress ups we'd prefer him to wear. Ben is getting pretty tired of coming home to a pretty princess with sparkly headbands.
We chopped his hair off! Shaved his head with the number 3 guard. Here he is climbing at the playground. Benson has successfully killed his front tooth. To many hard tumbles. He is my one child that should be wrapped with bubble wrap. He does not know any fear or limitations.

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