Saturday, October 10, 2009

He grows by leaps and bounds, It's Jeddy

What a stud, he can ride a 2 wheel bike now. Our family went on a bike ride to the basketball court. When there Jeddy just wanted to try Madisen's bike. He tried and tried, and in just a few minutes he was riding. He rode Madisen's bike home!!! he is a quick study. He is so proud of himself.

His first Soccer team, the purple rainbows. He is on a indoor soccer league with 2 buddies from church. He had a great time and was so into it. He ran the whole time. Then, he was kicked in the head with the ball. He got knocked, it was a shiner. I couldn't get him to go back in after half time, and the next game, a week later I couldn't get him to go in without many, many tears.

I am glad to say we have recovered. he scored 2 goals in his AYSO game this morning.
Look at that smile, He loves being busy, and running around. Jeddy is the description of BOY.

This haircut only last a week. Until I could sit him down again and actually finish the job! He is trying to learn how to read. he was so good and sounding out all sorts of words over the summer. We need to get it back into our school schedule routine. I love that he tries and tries, he is not afraid to fail.

Jeddy has been taking Karate for 7 months. he really is good, and enjoys it a lot. We finally were able to make a belt advancement. he really wanted to skip the orange belt and advance to the purple belt. He really took it serious. I was so proud of him. Luke and April came to share the event with him.

Here he is with his instructor Mrs Leah. He is getting his Orange belt. Now check out the sour face below. He is with his best buddy Chase, and he is very grumpy.He did get over it, and works a lot harder. I think it was a great learning experience for him. Now he knows what it takes to advance, and what he needs to do. We are so proud of him. His teacher has complimented him several times on how much more into it he is now. He takes it much more seriously now.

IT is fun having Jeddy involved in his own activities, and getting to see him grow and develop. Even with the bumps and sour attitudes along the way! I have to say he is 90 % fun and energy, and 10 % frustration!


Mark and Caroline said...

I love all the new posts. with school going on and the kids giving you maybe a little extra time does that mean you'll be a ble to post more often??? I love hear about you're family and miss those kids so much. i'm so glad you guys were able to come up so much this summer. Mark and i really want to come your way this late winter, early spring. we miss you all lots and lots and can't wait for you all to meet the newest member of the family. love you all.

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

we'd love to have you anytime. I just let Ben handle all the responsibilities: cleaning, meals .. so I had time for a few posts. hopefully I can keep it up.