Friday, March 11, 2011

Emergency prepardness

Last night at 9pm I got a text from my Mom "just had the biggest earthquake yet, it shook everything good". I texted back to get more information and no reply. I then emailed . . . .no reply. No skype!

I tried to read more online and get details. But it was too soon nothing had been reported, other then magnitude by the national registrar. It has been kinda scary not knowing.

Ben woke me up this morning a little worried because tsunamis have now hit. Death tolls are in the hundreds.

My Brother, his wife, and six kids live in Misawa Japan. They were just sealed in the Tokyo temple so my mom is there visiting. & of my immediate family members are there in the thick of the epicenter, and tsunamis.

It's been a whirlwind trying to find information about, their base, their city and etc. They live on the 10th floor in a high rise in a city like 15 minutes from the coast. The United States made a report on their base that they received extensive damage and all communication infrastructure is out.

Thankfully I just got through to my Mom, they are all OK. They have no power. My brother and his family are listening to a hand crank radio . . .to bad none of them know Japanese. They have to light candles for light. I am just really proud of my brother that he has prepared his family for this event. They have they emergency supplies needed. Now if we could just get the internet for them working.

Who knew I would ever be affected by earthquakes in Japan. Life leads us on winding roads. Hopefully we can all be prepared for what lays ahead on our paths. My heart is full. I am so grateful for their safety and well being.


Harris Family said...

Oh my- Im so sorry that they are over there in the middle of it all but I am glad they are ok. I hope things continue to go well. Sounds like they are prepared. Can they get away format he nuclear stuff?? We'll keep them in our prayers.

Miss you too- it was so fun seeing you- loved the Thai food and visiting. Hope the moving stuff goes ok!!!

Happy-Hardings said...

Kim, how are they now? Is your mom back? Do you know when and where you are moving for sure? Colorado seems nice!!