Thursday, March 17, 2011

He's been Jimmered!

Ben called me after work last night.
Said he found a flight, an 'affordable one'.

He left this morning at six for LA.

He is now in Denver participating for the first time in the NCAA tourney.

BYU is playing well (could be better if we still had Davis).

Let's go Cougars! Look for Ben, as you watch the games. He will be in the stands screaming and yelling. I hope he paints his body half blue and half white.

He at least better have a sign! I mean if your going to go to march madness, go all the way.

Feel free to remind him of how fun and wonderful his life is, and what a GREAT wife he has to let him go off and play on our 11 year anniversary. While I stay home with 4 kids, 2 of which are sick.

Let's just not let him forget that.

And really here are some cute pics of Azure . . .the trend for teething. drool and keep your fingers in your mouth. tooth count is up to 4.


Harris Family said...

haha- Happy Anniversary. Rob made me fill out a bracket so I have BYU going to the sweet 16- Im so glad they pulled it off tonight. Im sure you will get great rewards for your sacrifice :)

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

how is your condition? the one that makes your belly grow?

any time now huh!

Rob made you! I LOVE march madness. I usually score better then Ben in the first few rounds. but then never have any of the right picks for the final four.

great rewards!!!!! better come soon

VA Andersons said...

Ha! Tyson says he wishes he'd joined Ben at the game. Also, we were so sorry to hear about your family in Japan. We had no idea. Hope everything is ok for them over the next several months etc...

brittdave said...

So is Ben doing all the dinners next week. . .

Harris Family said...

hah- it i going good- 5 more weeks- if I can stand it!! watching breathing videos :) Good luck with your picks