Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is Benson at a fun pond by our house. He loves looking for the fish and chasing bunnies in our new neighborhood.

We have finally landed!

Azure and Benson, with CJ asleep in the corner. Sierra, Madisen and Jeddy are in the back. The kids spent way too much time driving across the country this summer.

After 15 different beds (family's homes, hotels, motels) we are comfortable in our new home.
We have spent 12 nights in hotel's and 3 weeks visiting family, broken up into a few days, or a week here and there. We are not sad to end our spree of homelessness, but sad from all the people we have left.
Adorable Azure sporting pig tails. she is up to 10 teeth now, and is pretty much teething constantly. We oral gel her daily. Azure isnt really talking, but loves to scream!

We spent the summer, in cedar city, orem, payson, alpine, salt lake, urbandale iowa, nauvoo, independence, carthage, liberty, Kansas City, playing at our awesome rec center and pools. I have logged countless hours shopping. We really needed allot of things: trash cans, broom, weed killer, hose, shower curtains, rods and towells, spices, FOOD, shelves, furniture, toilet paper, tuperware, more shelves, drawer organizers, school supplies, uniforms for the charter school, piano books, birthday gifts. Ben almost passes out everytime he reviews the credit card.

We love the new house. We still have 2 empty rooms and basically a full empty basement (it only has toys in it. Our dryer broke right as we moved in. We took it apart and cleaned it out. We pretty much thought it was a broken current from a blown therma fuse. So i ordered a part on amazon and we were abel to get it repaired for under 7$. Benson happily tells me alomost everyday how nice our new house is, and that he loves it Azure loves her room, we just got a cozy chair in there to read with her.

Above picture is Madisen at her school. Please notice the so cute headband i made her and she designed the night before school. Next is M and J on Madsen's first day of school. Next is Jeddy in front of his new charter school on his first day. My big 1st grader cant wait!

I'll post pics of my darling kids. Hopefully with 2 kids at school i can actully find time to blog.

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Happy-Hardings said...

It's so good to see your fam. I can't believe how big Azure is! I'm glad you are settling!