Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Married- 11 years, est. March 18, 2000
Moves- 12 (6 of which are across the country or states away)
Children- 4 (Each born in a different state)
Dogs- 0
Debt- add a zero and times by 7 to the average personal debt of americans.  I have always said we are not average!
Cars taken to the grave- 3 (grey, Rodeo, and The freak may you RIP)
Cavities- me three, zero for the other 5
Computers- 10 yr old desk top, 1 laptop, unlike my sister Brittany that spawns tablets and computers everytime I visit.  HaHa, u know i love u.
Hammocks- on our 5th, it seems to be lasting.  But now we will have to take it in for the winters.
Blenders- 1, the original from our wedding
Poopy diapers i changed today-  0

The friends, family and ward members we have crossed paths and served along side with- countless

Thank you for babysitting, packing, moving, cleaning, picking up my kids, and your service! 

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