Monday, November 7, 2011

Matt Fever

I am so excited!!!! Wednesday night my favorite of all time favorite singer/song writer of all time will be performing at the CMA awards.

He, Matt Nathanson, will be performing his song he does with Sugarland called 'run'.


earlier this summer Ben, the Toys and I went to a Sugarland concert and i was so hoping he would pop in.  He didn't, and we got rained out but it was so fun.  Then just a few weeks ago Matt came to Denver, so yeah I was there.  With Mrs. Toy,  seriously it was the best night ever in like five years.   Thanks Mrs. Toy for going with me.  Thanks Matt for such a fun night of rockin music and super entertaining covers.

Looking forward to Wed night . . .we will tivo the CMA's for sure.

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