Thursday, December 29, 2011

my baby girl

                                                   Me and my puppy, just 10 weeks old

Look at my sweet little girl.  She was the fuzziest puff ball for the first few months.  She is so big now.  we were just talking last night about how the puppy days are behind us,  its so sad.  I miss her puppy breathe.  Madisen misses how small and fuzzy she was.

Today the sun was out, so we ventured outside.  I loaded up my BOB and we set out on an adventure, roxy leading the way.  We got to the fields near out house where a big creak runs through.  Earlier we found a bird nest full of feathers and skeletons.  So we had to show it to Jeddy today.  The only issue was with the twenty five hundred feet of snow we have been dumped with its now melting.  Yes that's a good thing.  It however brings lots and lots of water and MUDDDDDD.  Benson was walking up the creak, its about 15 feet deep.  Once at the top he slipped and was literally stuck in the mud.  he lots his boots and socks and was sad.  So I pulled him out cheered him up and pt him in the BOB.  

the two big kids were on their bikes.  Jeddy was covered in muddy bike spray.   Roxy had turned from a beautiful golden retriever to a chocolate lab.  My bathtub was filled with dirt, like an inch of slimy dirt in the bottom after the final rinse off.    It was a wet dirty walk, but it was fun.

Roxy loves to go with us on Saturdays to the kids horseback riding lessons.  She is not scared of horses, but terrified of cows.  We love our roxy dog.  just thought you'd like to meet her.  Now that she is a big dog.

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Harris Family said...

cute kim! Miss you! Love little puppies